Friday, November 20, 2015

Go Enjoy a Turkey!

Friday before Thanksgiving week and I am so looking forward to next week. Hubby and I consider Thanksgiving our own private little holiday. I know you're supposed to spend it with family but we buck traditions. Except the ones we created when we lived up north. 

It started when we lived in West Haven, CT. There was a Texas Roadhouse not too far from our house. For a few years in a row, we would go there on Thanksgiving Eve. I highly recommend going out to eat on this night. No crowds to deal with. Turns out there is one near my work so we're gonna go eat some tasty yeast rolls and chicken fried steak.

On Thanksgiving day, hubby and I camp out in bed all day long. I'm not kidding. We grab the paper, take our time reading through all the Black Friday deals, eat, watch movies, eat some more, take a nap, eat some more. You get the picture. It's wonderful. So nice to decompress for a day. And for the first time, I'm ordering a pre-cooked turkey from The Fresh Market. Apparently the bird is better than any Butterball. We will see. I'm psyched not to have to get up at 6 and slather butter all over some bird's breasts.

And speaking of birds, I leave you this week with some swans. Enjoy your holiday!


{Shirt: Target | Pants: Macy's | Shoes: Vans for J. Crew}

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