Thursday, November 12, 2015


Oh this shirt is too tight across my hips. Uh, time to lay off the wine and sushi for a bit. Dammit! 

I was trying so hard to capture the true color of these Gap culottes. They're dark navy blue, although I do have them in black as well. They are super thick and verrryy comfortable. And as usual, I probably waited too long to showcase them and they may no longer be available. You're welcome. 

I know I still owe y'all another post on antiquing. Work is getting in the way of posting. I'm a contractor so time off is precious for me and the blog, unfortunately, doesn't rank as high on the priority list. But I do post when I can.

{Blouse: Vince Camuto | Culottes: Gap |  Shoes: Old Navy}

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