Monday, October 19, 2015

Slathered in Butter

Anyone bake the no knead bread in a cast iron Dutch oven? Goggle it if you haven't. Such an easy and impressive bread. I brought in a loaf to work today and the savages devoured it. I ended up wearing my gourmet European butter, which to be quite honest doesn't taste much different than my light Land O Lakes.

Hopefully the butter stains come out of my blouse (got this one off eBay since the color isn't available in the store). We shall see in the morning. This blouse fits a little different from the burgundy one I showed you a couple weeks ago. This one has a rougher texture and was very clingy. And although it's an XL like its much loved cousin, I noticed a bit of bra peekage through one of the buttons. I guess if the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter stains don't come out, it will all be a moot point.

{Outfit: Loft | Shoes: Donald Pliner}

Oh and as I was editing my pics using Visage Lab, it randomly generated this sea nymph.

"Like this effect?" Uh nooo!

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