Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Death Jacket

I think I want to be buried in this jacket. Not necessarily wearing it, but maybe just folded up and cradling my little dead head. Mooorrbid! It's about a gazillion years old (or like 10) and not something that's very easy to match. But I still love it and will continue to wear it until it either no longer fits or my cats shred it.

I got the pants on clearance at Dillard's over the summer. They're Bryn Walker and I own a couple pairs of her pants. The other pair is a black asymmetrical knit. I equate her stuff to Eileen Fisher and possibly some less dowdy Chico finds. But I am of a certain age and elastic feels pretty darn good during the day.

{Jacket: Anthropologie | Tee: Old Navy | Pants: Bryn Walker | Shoes: Nine West}

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