Monday, September 21, 2015

Tea and Sushi

Had a fun and relaxing weekend. How about y'all? 

Started the weekend with a tea and scone class (well first I had to get my oil changed). I didn't realize when I got to the class that they did assigned seating based on when you signed up for the class. Looked through their policy when I got back home and nothing about that was listed (an email to the company has now yeilded a new policy). So I switched seats so I could be right in the thick of things. Hey, I paid the same amount of $$ as everyone else, I'm sitting where I want. The class was pretty good; moved along at a good pace. It was a demo, rather than hands on so we watched, learned, and ate. Scones, egg flower sandwich, curry chicken sandwich, roasted red pepper canapé, and blueberry crumble, which didn't set up like the chef wanted. Best part was the hot tea - Harney & Sons Paris - my absolute favorite. I must have drank 5 cups. And they kept pouring so I kept drinking. The odd thing is that on the way out, the woman at the register was the same woman that owned a local tea room but has been working at the store for the last 7 years. She should have been the one teaching the class as she makes the most phenomenal scones and long ago shared her recipe with me. I made a promise to her that I would never share her recipe. And I never have.

When I got home, the cable guy came to swap out a couple of defective boxes. Hubby and I then had a date night at a sushi restaurant that is also a billiards. Kind of funky and cool. Hubby likes to order new types of sushi so that I can try it and hopefully take a liking to different fish. After all, I didn't like any fish until I was 40. And man, I'm now a grouper hand roll fan. And I know it's cooked but it's still quite yummy!

And I broke down and bought a selfie stick this weekend to take outfit pics so I wouldn't have to keep my bathroom sparkling.  Here are my first attempts. Hair was looking a bit dull so I added some highlights Friday night.

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