Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I Am Straight

No the title isn't a reference to my gender preference; just a play on words. Although I have watched the entire season of "I Am Cait" and have mixed feelings on it. I'm totally cool with people living their lives in a way that makes them happy, be it religion or absence of it, political standpoint, or who they choose to love and be with. As long as people aren't harming each other because of their beliefs and preferences, then be and do as you please.

As for Caitlyn Jenner being a spokesperson for the transgender community, that I can't get on board with. Caitlyn has had a life privilege and fame and is so self-absorbed that she can't grasp reality and the struggles of the people on her show. The level of insincerity is quite apparent in each episode. Can her money effect change? It sure can. If she listens to the right people with good intentions for the entire LGBT community.

So on to a lighter subject - hair. Who doesn't love a good hair day? I know having lived in two climates that the environment, as well as other factors such as water purity, definitely has an impact on my hair.

For the past year+ I've been wearing my hair naturally curly. I go through these phases where I get tired of straightening it and think my curls will look like 1998 Carrie Bradshaw, which is never the case. The reality is that it takes my hair 7 hours (yes, 7!) to air dry. Diffusing frizzes my hair and pulls out the curls. So imagine going to work with wet hair every morning, going into the restroom at 11 am to do the first light scrunch, and then a full scrunch at 1 or 2pm. By that time, the work day is almost over. And I typically get 1-2 good hair days/month. It never looks consistent from day to day. The curls never lay the same way each day. And I never feel polished or confident with my curls.

This pic was taken about 6-7 months ago and was a pretty decent hair day. I took it around 11am and my hair was still quite damp from my 5:45am shower.  During my surgery recovery, it was much easier to wear my hair curly than to try and style it.

And here's this morning's more sleek look. And this is 2nd day hair! I know I'll get comments about keeping my curls (too late - got a layered cut Friday night) but you have to wear your hair in the way that makes you comfortable. And that way is straight for me. 

I'm also quite fond of my new conditioner - Kerastase Dicipline. I've been a fan of Kerastase Relax line for probably 10+ years. This new Dicipline Maskeratine (fancy term for mask me thinks) controls the frizz even during this horribly rainy season. I get it on Amazon. Much cheaper.

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