Thursday, September 24, 2015

Get Carried Away

As I'm writing this post, I'm sitting here pigging out on a food truck hamburger, no, make that a cheeseburger, and fries. It's beyond delicious and I feel my arteries hardening already. Hang on... Had to stuff a perfectly seasoned fry into my mouth. And I will be having shrimp and broccoli for dinner tonight. 

So glad these Worthington pants are a little big to make room for my... Stop staring at me French fry! We are through!

Anyway... When I was in NYC in February during a blizzard, I picked up this Kate Spade tee (I've seen them on eBay, too). I mean with me being a huge Sex and the City fan, how could I not buy this tee?

And I'm so over the whole Lilly Pulitzer thing. I had no idea when I was buying the Target pieces what a sorority cult following this brand has. And I live in Florida where the brand was founded!  It's just downright ridiculous the way these women act over this brand. And with the exception of the shift dresses that don't even accommodate busty, hippy women like me, their Elsa blouses are so unattractive and matronly looking. But don't say that on Facebook. The inaudible gasps were heard by the whole community. I then kissed  my Facebook Lilly groups goodbye.

{Tee: Kate Spade | Pants: JC Penney | Waistcoat: Zara | Shoes: Lilly Pulitzer for Target}

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  1. The t-shirt is so perfect. And as for Lilly, I'm not part of the cult, but you and I have the EXACT same taste in shoes. From the Target collection, I wanted the shoes you're wearing and the headband in the same print (not to wear together LOL). Got the headband and it was cute with my summer basics. When I didn't score the shoes, I pulled out my only pair of Toms--burlap with black floral drawings on them. I bought them in either 2011 or 12 and never wore them. They were the perfect stand=in for the Lilly ones that weren't meant to be.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I had to pay an up charge for most of the stuff I got after the collection came out, unfortunately. I won't even state how much I paid for that damn Nosey Posey hammock and flimsy chairs or the distance I drove to get them. But if it helps any, the shoes are not too sturdy and a bit uncomfortable for my tired feet. I also got them in the blue color as well. I have to put insoles in them for more support.