Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Denim Blues

At the new job, jeans are only allowed on Fridays, which are usually my work from home days. So needless to say, my jeans are collecting dust. A lot of employees at my new place are NY transplants so many men dress in suits and ties.

I'm started to get out of my post-job slob rut and dressing like I used to in Connecticut. Maybe that's why I wanted to start blogging again. I can actually blend in with the new crowd in normal work clothes again instead of looking like a clone in company shirts and jeans.

I don't have much time or natural light in the mornings so for now, it's bathroom selfies. I'll try to keep the bathroom picked up and the mirror clean.

{Dress: Gap | Scarf: Old Navy | Shoes: Tory Burch}
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  1. Niki! I was so excited when I saw your blog and pretty face pop back up on my feed! I always enjoy reading your post and love your style. Glad your back and good luck at your new job!

    1. Awww thanks so much! I appreciate the sweet comment. I'll figure out something better for taking outfit pics cause who wants to see wet shower towels in my pics. ;-)

  2. THOSE SHOES!! Great outfit--so glad you're back

  3. Thanks Elizabeth! I've had these shoes for 2 years now and yesterday was the first day I wore them. But I'm weird that way. Still haven't ever carried my Louis Vuitton purse I purchased when I moved to CT almost 8 years ago. :-O