Monday, September 21, 2015

Berry Good

Fashion blogging is so narcissistic. Flo does a great parody in the Geico commercial with the fashion blog sister and the grandpa with the meat sweats. It's silly, really - this posing in outfits and taking pics. But on the flip side, if you love clothes and aren't a fashion model, it's kind of nice to see how real clothes drape on real bodies that eat pizza, burgers, etc. I'm not saying I eat those things. Unless those things are right in front of me. 

So this is my first go at using the selfie stick. I know the clarity isn't as great as the DSLR camera but to get back into this thing, I need it to be easy and quick, which means the photos will be compromised but hopefully not too much.

While this J Crew skirt is cute (feels kinda like scuba material), it's a bit too short for my taste. Felt very drafty walking from the parking garage into work and I kept tugging on it throughout the day. Was very self conscious sitting down as it bunched up. Nothing a work sweater draped over my legs couldn't fix. 

And although Joe Fresh just doesn't have the same appeal that it once did when I was able to shop at the stores in NY, I found this little gem in JC Penney this weekend hanging with its smaller sisters on a rack in the back of the Joe Fresh section. Love the burgundy color. Just wish it tapered a bit more.

And Fender cat was fascinated with my new selfie stick. 

{Top: Joe Fresh | Skirt: J Crew | Shoes: Alice and Olivia | Lipstick: Mac Labradorable}

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