Monday, September 14, 2015

A Wrinkle in Time

Trying to blog via IPad Mini 3 only. Last week I bought a new laptop for work and threw in a mini for good measure. So let's see how this goes, shall we? If it doesn't require a lot of time, I'm more apt to stick with it.

So wonder what I've been up to for the last 9 months?  Well one thing I certainly have not been doing in that timeframe is incubating a human. At almost 44, that is not happening. 

But here is what I have been doing:

February 2015
Took my last business trip with my company to Long Island and met up with my Connecticut friend in the city until the blizzard came through. Try driving from Hicksville, NY to Islip in a blizzard. Not fun. Dorette and I hit up Kate Spade, Eataly, Duet, Milk & Cookies, and our soap shop - Sabon before parting ways. Hopefully we don't wait another 2 years to see each other.

March 2015
In March I had a cyst removed from my wrist. My mom is going through similar recovery now. It was a 6-week healing time in which I spent 10 days in a cast and another 10 in a brace. But I'm just fine now and would totally go through it again.

April 2015
April was a busy month. We finally got to meet our newest niece from South Dakota - Miss Gabriella. So adorbs. And I was almost fully recovered from surgery. It's also the month that Lilly Pulitzer for Target started a frenzy in me. That lasted into May. And with every Target launch, I look back and think - "WTF, Niki?!" Hubby and I also went to the Fancy Flea in Plant City and score some great antique theatre seats and an old hutch that I'm currently painting.

May 2015
Memorial Day was probably the last time we swam in our pool as this has been a record rainy summer in Tampa. It is just now starting to get to the point where we may go a day without rain. I detest Florida summers and it was a summer like this back in 2007 that solidified my decision to move up north. May also marked my last month with my mortgage software company that I worked at for just over 2 years. In the end, I had run out of work and just became complacent.

June 2015
On June 1, I started my new job. My first time being a contractor. I had the choice between working at Citi as a VP AML tech writer or as a contractor at a clearing corp where I would learn about software architecture and infrastructure. I chose the year-long contractor job as I felt the learning experience would make me more marketable down the road. So far so good. But man do I miss my vacation and 401k matching. If I don't work, I don't get paid. 

In June, my friend Sharon and I took a free Annie Sloan chalk paint class. We entered a raffle and unbelievably, I won the grand prize - about $250 in chalk paint and supplies. Whoo hoo! I repainted my kitchen island and am working on the antique hutch.

July 2015
Hubby has a very old BMW Z3 that barely runs and was unreliable. He bought it when we first started dating in 2007 and it was 6 years old when he bought it. It was time for hubby to get a new car. So over the 4th, we went car shopping. At first he was being practical but as we were sitting down to sign papers on a Ford Explorer, I could tell it wasn't the right car for him. He's always wanted an Infinity and as we were test driving another car, I spotted an EX35 on the lot. We went home to think about it and when the sales lady called, he negotiated the price of the Infinity on the phone and we test drove it off the lot and right into Bonefish Grill's lot for a celebratory meal.

July was also the month that our little old lady Woozie had to have 8 teeth pulled. She did very well for a 13 year old and is eating much better now. This pic below was taken right after I picked her up from the vet.

August 2015
Whew this is a long post. Okay where are we? August! Ugh. August was a terrible month. In the middle of the month, my sister and I went to the Deftones and Incubus concert. We had $20 Groupon tickets out in BFE lawn area, also affectionately known as "hand job hill." Don't ask me why. That's what comedian Jeff Ross nicknamed it last year at the Oddball Comedy Fest and now I call it that.

A day after the concert, I got sick. Fever, aches, chills, coughing, etc. turns out I had the flu with bronchitis. Hubby got it 1 day after me. For the rest of August, we were bed-ridden. Luckily, my job lets me work from home one day a week and I was able to work from home during my sickness.

And that leads us up to September where hubby and I will soon be celebrating his birthday early by staying the weekend at the historic Don Cesar where we plan to lounge on the beach and do nothing.

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  1. Whew! That was fun! Thanks for the update. Your milk paint projects look beautifully done. I haven't any patience for DIY and admire anyone who can do it so well.

    1. Since it's pretty easy and quicker to post via the iPad, thought I'd give a thorough update. Glad you enjoyed!