Friday, December 19, 2014


Dolphins, dolphins, dolphins. Lots 'o dolphins at SeaWorld. In shows, in nurseries, in underground viewing centers, swimming next to turtles ("I like turtles"), and splashing Brazilians who always wear soccer tees. Yeah, that last part was a huge generalization.

So hubby and I hit the road around 10am last Saturday to make a noon company luncheon at SeaWorld. On the car ride over, I found out my husband has never been to SeaWorld. Disney and Epcot - yeah. But that's about it. I was a little nervous leaving the pets with a new sitter after the fiasco at the vet over the summer. Oh, I don't think I shared that with y'all cause I was taking a blogging break then. So real quick - hubby and I visited his family in South Dakota over 4th of July week and we boarded the two dogs and asked my sister to watch the two bastard cats. I paid over $400 to board my dogs in two private suites.

Cookie was fine. However Woozie came out with a torn ACL. I was a wreck but after talking with the head vet and nursing her back to health, she is much better. She's 12 so those knees are just deteriorating. Not sure how much longer we have with her but her spirits are still good, she's still eating, she doesn't look like she's in pain, and she acts like an older, happy Chihuahua. Well, except she asks me daily when all the animals will be leaving and tries to intimidate them with her ferocious teeth.

So we have a home sitter now for the pets and I couldn't be happier. She left me detailed notes, sent me text messages when she got to the house, and loves our animals. She's a keeper! And she's fairly inexpensive. Four visits, four pets - $90. Plus my pets were able to stay in their own environment.

When we got to SeaWorld, we paid the $20 to park (preferred parking $20, regular parking $17), which only got us slightly closer to the gate. We ended up going through Christmas Village, which didn't open until 6pm (I think) and headed into a private pavilion. It was actually really cool cause we got to take some pictures w/out crowds. My husband and I don't really like theme parks or crowds. Lunch was hamburgers or chicken sandwiches and lasted about an hour. Some guy got up, made a short 5 minute speech, handed out an award, and then we were off to enjoy our day.

We walked all around the park and got a recent art grad to paint caricatures of us - it turned out really cute - doesn't my husband look like Don Johnson? People have told him that before and I never saw it until the drawing was done. We tried to get into to see the penguins as I'll often walk around the house shuffling like a penguin and making little penguin noises (I also imitate baby piggies - oh the talent), but it was an hour wait. No thank you. I think my waiting in line days are over. We caught a pretty cute dolphin show and were hoping the macaws wouldn't poop on us as they flew over. Hungry and pooped ourselves, we headed out around 6:00pm and went to Bahama Breeze for dinner. Sitting outside under the large heaters sharing a bottle of wine and just being away - that was pretty nice. We both agreed that we needed to reconnect more often. Life just gets in the way sometimes and takes over.

Our hotel was the Hawthorn Suites. It was actually bigger than some NYC apartments with a sitting area, bedroom, kitchenette, etc. It was a mediocre, "this will do for one night" type of hotel. Certainly not as bad as the $100/night Carter Hotel in NYC that we stayed in a couple of times. It was a flea hole! But it was super cheap for Manhattan. Our Orlando hotel was clean but had a very strong perfume odor and I have a super sensitive smeller. I mainly booked it for the free hot breakfast. Should have just had some Egg White Delights at McDonald's down the road. Breakfast was no beuno. And somehow I convinced my husband to stop at Orlando Premium Outlets for a couple of hours after we checked out. I drooled over a pair of Prada oxfords and ended up buying a small Kate Spade cross body.

It was a really nice weekend getaway and I'm glad we went. Would I recommend SeaWord - eh. I'd tell ya to go to Discovery Cove (I've never been but who wouldn't want to swim with dolphins?!) or Epcot during the Food and Wine Fest before I would recommend SeaWorld. Of course if you don't want to shell out the money for theme parks, you could just enjoy Downtown Disney and the abundance of restaurants, etc. along International Drive (I-Drive) in Orlando. Downtown Orlando is also pretty cool!


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