Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Marble Slab

Ever since I got this Sur la Table pastry slab, no even before that, I've been in love with the idea of marble in my kitchen. Specifically, carrara marble. I just love the timeless, classy look. I even convinced my mom, who was showing me pics of black countertops, that marble would look much classier. After seeing a couple of kitchen islands in Williams Sonoma ($3600!), she relented and was sold.

And although I'm not ready to do the kitchen countertops this year, even though my stained porcelain sink drives me insane, I'm actually redoing our Ikea Stenstorp kitchen island right now. We bought it when we lived in Connecticut and have had it approximately 5-6 years. It's been through three moves and the legs were getting pretty banged up. So I sanded, primed, and painted it this past weekend! I've been going back and forth on replacing it or keeping it. Below are a couple of options, but it came down to storage (and price).

I like that my kitchen island has a place for barstools and a back so no one can see the stuff I store on the other side. And although I loved the kitchen island from Crate and Barrel in person, I would be giving up a shelf and possibly, no definitely, giving the puppy and kitties an opportunity to get all up in my kitchen island junk. Both islands above are just too open. And up until I painted my Stenstorp, I liked the butcher block. Until I saw this:

Isn't it gorgeous? She used milk paint to paint over her basic $60 Ikea Bekvam kitchen cart. She had the towel rack modified to fit and added a marble top. I'm in love! So this past weekend, I grabbed some Zinsser Shellac primer from Lowe's (I read this was a good primer for shiny Ikea furniture) and the best paint (Valspar Reserve) Lowe's carries. I didn't want to mess with milk paint or chalk paint as I didn't have much luck with it when trying to paint the laminate kitchen bar table I passed on to my sister. 

With one coat of primer and two coats of paint, my husband was amazed at how well Mr. Stenstorp came back to life. I even did my own version of the towel rack with my existing $2.99 Bygel rail that I've had for years. I called and visited a couple of granite and marble yards and found a remnant carrara slab that I've ordered. So in about two weeks, I'll be able to show you the finished product. So excited! I think it's what my all white kitchen needed and man, has it classed up the place.

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  1. Just received your comment..and the capelet already sold! Things go fast in my shop..hope you're following on instagram or facebook!

    1. I know. I saw that this morning. :-( You should have a VIP section for members only to browse before it hits public viewing. I should be the only member. LOL!