Monday, December 1, 2014

Jeans for Curvy Gals

I typically buy my jeans at Gap and Old Navy. Why? Convenience and sizing. It's pretty convenient to pop on over to and look at jeans at two different stores on one site, read honest reviews, and take advantage of sales and free shipping. The other reason is size. I'm curvy. I'm plus sized. I can't just walk into a store, pull the size 8s off the shelf and whamo! perfect fit! Ain't happening and hasn't happened in many, many years. And it doesn't matter how much I exercise. I could lose 30lbs and still be in the plus sizes. When I weighed my lowest (129lbs), I was still a size 10 in regular pants and 12 in jeans. Most women who weigh 129lbs are looking at low single digit sizes. Not curvalicious here. No, no, I was made freakishly curvy. Well, not abnormal Kardashian champagne-ass curvy, but still curvy.

And since I mostly order my jeans online, I thought I would share which ones seem to work best for me at Gap and Old Navy.

My latest order included a couple of pairs of distressed jeans. Word of advice, curvies - stay away from "skimmer" pants. They are no bueno for us plus sized gals. They typically don't have any give and are tight as hell. If you have a stomach pooch like moi, kiss eating and sitting goodbye in these jeans. However, their Always Skinny cousin have Always Worked for me. They have give, plenty of room in the stomach, thighs, and waist.

Next up - my favorite, favorite jean from Old Navy. I actually stopped buying jeans from Old Navy for awhile because they all seemed to fit like the Rockstars. I can't stand those jeans. I owned a pair of red ones that weren't so bad at the time but now I just look like a sausage in them and I'm playing the constant tug-up game with every move. It's like they have barbell weights in the ankles. 

So these are the Boyfriend Straight jeans and I'm in love. Very hard to find in stores and I actually had to size down one size (most likely because they are boyfriend jeans). They are so comfortable and very cute. The inside label on the waist is very minimalist with the words "Straight" and "Droit." They aren't much to look at online but you will be pleasantly surprised when they arrive in the mail. I have them in the Emerald Lake dark wash color. Again, I sized down one size.

I own another style from Old Navy. It's my first time buying gray jeans but I love them. I wear these Flirt jeans all the time. I find that they run a bit big in the crotch region and waist but I don't tuck in my shirts and a belt helps with the waist issue. Mine actually look lighter in person than the jeans on the website.

I also own two pairs of the Mid-rise Skinny Boyfriend jeans from Target that I love. Bought one pair and headed to another Tarjay the next day for another pair. And although I would love to buy more distressed jeans with lots of frays and holes, it's not work appropriate. These jeans don't have any holes and very light distressing.

Remember to take advantage of the 40% off Cyber Monday specials at Gap/Old Navy and BOGO 60% off at Target.

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