Monday, November 3, 2014

Fancy Flea, Swans, and Saturday Markets

First - a shout out to my childhood friend, Christy. Happy Birthday. See you Saturday for our girl day.

Okay, how was your weekend? I had a very full one. Met my mom yesterday at the International Plaza so she could partake in my 40% off MAC discount. Yep, turns out if you take a 6-week makeup course and pay the $35 annual fee, you are considered a makeup artist and get the discount. Pretty sweet deal.

On Saturday, I headed to Plant City for the Fancy Flea, a large shabby chic outdoor market held at the Strawberry Festival fairgrounds. Pretty much the only time I've been to Plant City is for the Strawberry Festival, which has completely changed over the years to become a nightmare, crowded fair with rides and obnoxious teens. It used to be really cute where you would stand in line for homemade strawberry shortcake and head to the animal pens where all the farmer kids would show off their 4H prize winning cows, etc. Yeah, I know nothing about farming and 4H. But the little piggies were always fun to watch.

So as you saw in my last post, I'm a pretty big shabby chic fan and this was just heaven and temptation for me. Luckily, I used my head and only spent the cash I had on hand. Here are some shots from a very windy and cold day (well, cold for Florida - 56 degrees).

And here are my purchases:

The white ceramic tray is part of a little coffee bar I'm putting together on the other side of the kitchen. The dog hook will hold Cookie's leash and the little bottles in a mini crate - well I'm just addicted to cute, little old fashion bottles.  I displayed all of these items on my AWESOME marble slab that came last week. Makes me REALLY want to save up for marble countertops. REALLY. I love, love, love the look.

I then headed about 10 miles east to Lakeland to meet my sister and her mom-in-law. They discovered a small Saturday Morning Market that serves beignets from a food truck. Unfortunately, they weren't there on Saturday but a two-story antique store (Lakeland is full of them) and a scrap book store was. My sister and her MIL are huge scrapbookers. I AM NOT. I do other arts and crafts but 'crapping is not my thang.

While driving through downtown Lakeland, I discovered how really cute and quaint it is. It's really not a town that I've explored before, even though it's 30 minutes from my house. Best part... wait for it...

SWANS!!! I love swans. They aren't common in Florida and I miss seeing them around the Long Island shore near my Connecticut house. There were white ones, gray ones, and black ones. And they weren't mean like the ones up north.

Apparently they all congregate on Lake Morton, as well as other lakes in Lakeland. Not sure how they don't get eaten by alligators, but it's totally cool that these guys are here.

Before heading to Hobby Lobby (I know about the controversy - don't judge. I still eat at Chic-Fil-A, too, regardless of their beliefs on homosexuality. Honestly, I don't care about company beliefs. Chic-Fil-A makes great chicken. Period.), we devoured those insanely good rolls from Texas Roadhouse. We don't have a Texas Roadhouse in our immediate area. We then rolled on over to Hobby Lobby where I found a great little wood and wire basket unit for the coffee bar. Love it!

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  1. That looks like an amazing shabby fair, you did well not buying everything!

    X x

    1. Since my kitchen is really the only shabby chic part of our house, furniture was not really something I was in the market to buy so that kept my costs down. And once I saw others bargaining, I negotiated a lower price on everything I bought. :-)

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  3. Just popped over to your previous post (oh, those darn cats!) and love your kitchen update. The open concept isn't for me as I like to hide my mess behind cabinet doors .. lol.

    The flea market looks fun .. I really like the dachshund pillow.


    1. Thank Monica! I just bought a smaller butcher block chopping board this weekend from Homegoods so that I could chop right next to the stove. Working on getting items for the coffee bar as well. Figured since this is our forever home that I could update the kitchen the way I want it to function, rather than a traditional one with upper cabinets. Glad you like it. Totally understand if others don't. It's very taste specific.