Monday, April 21, 2014

Radio Silence

I know - crickets on the blog lately. With good reason. I haven't been near my laptop in about a week and a half. Been traveling. A lot! So it started with a trip to Connecticut to train a temp, who quit a few days later.  Fun. Followed by a trip to San Diego for four days. I was at a Madcap Flare conference to further my knowledge in software I use every day for work. San Diego was absolutely beautiful. If my family wasn't in FL, I'd move to California in a heartbeat. Hubby was in too. There's actually a job opening in San Diego for a technical writer for Madcap, but my family would kill me and we just bought our house. So as tempting as it was (and man was it tempting!), I just couldn't do it.

Here are some pics of the first day. I stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel, which was pretty snazzy. They even embroider the pillows and put guitar pick stickers on the toilet paper. When I checked in, I was asked which genre of music I wanted playing in my room. On my last night, I went down to Nobu and had some awesome sushi. It was a noisy hotel on the weekend, but was pretty quiet during the week.

On my first day in town, I walked along downtown in the Gaslamp district. I also discovered World Market. OMG! Awesome home goods store. I knew of the online site but didn't know they had brick and mortar stores as well. Turns out there's one about an hour from my house. Yipee!

So here's day 1. Day 2 will be in my next post. And our floors are in and I've been busy bead boarding the fireplace living room. Stay tuned for that post.

Early morning flight - ignore the dark circles.

Thai food - eh, so so.

Chicken with cilantro crème - awesome!

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  1. Hi There! I 'll be in San Diego in a couple of weeks and cannot wait! I'll be attending a company conference. but first I'll managed a few days in Las Vegas and Grand Canyon.
    shame I cannot see your pictures right now (we are having some connections issues today).

    glad that you enjoyed the city as well.
    Love, Ylenia from Longuette

  2. It's a great city! I'll try to have more pics posted before your trip. Las Vegas is fun (even better if you like to gamble). The shopping is good but expensive. The Grand Canyon is amazing. Take lots of pics and just sit there and soak it all in cause it may be the only time you go. I went when I was in my 20s and loved it! Have fun!