Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Taking a Break

Hi guys. I feel like I owe you all an explanation for the lack of posts lately. I'm just taking a bit of a break. After blogging for over two years, I needed to take some time off. Part of it is focusing on getting financially healthy. Without anything new to show you, what do I blog about? Part of it is being absolutely swamped at work until April as I'm not only documenting mortgage servicing procedures but also training procedures on originating loans. When I get home I'm so exhausted that the last thing I want to do is blog or exercise. Although I still wear makeup every day, I've taken to throwing my wet hair up into a ponytail almost every day just so I can get out of the house on time.

But it's not all work and no play. I have a couple of fun girl dates planned with friends over the next couple of weeks. I met my girlfriend at the farmer's market last weekend and hubby and I are going to celebrate my stepfather's birthday next weekend. I have been trying to get a lot of sleep on the weekends just to catch up with being swamped at work. And hubby and I were sick, again. Well, I was sick again. Once again, it came from a co-worker. Wasn't as bad this time as it was around Christmas but we did spend a whole weekend either in bed or on the couch nursing our colds.

The vegetarian diet? Still doing well on it! It's opened my eyes to getting creative in the kitchen. I'm buying veggies weekly now, too. The other night I made an enchilada dish that was spectatuar using rice and quinoa as the base with a bunch of fresh veggies, black beans, and herbs and spices. I cook a lot of stir fries as well. I've done a potato and goat cheese flatbread that was quite yummy. I still hate soy. The cravings for meat are still there but not enough for hubby and I to cave. We don't have nearly the amount of heartburn and digestion issues like we used to. And I'm sure when my workload lightens up, I'll have some extra energy like hubby does.

How's the financial situation coming? Slow. Paying down things will take quite a while. Credit cards are still in the drawer. I haven't been tempted to buy like I used to. I'm making long term goals for myself and for hubby. I'm starting to think about retirement, traveling, and paying extra towards our mortgage. The online shopping has dropped to almost nothing. Seriously, the daily routine of receiving packages when I get home is down at least 90%.  I'm more concerned about what I will save than what I can spend. It's really a strange and wonderful mindset. I look at things in magazines now and calculate in my head how long I will need to save to have that item. Currently, we are saving for our trip to South Dakota in July to visit hubby's family. It's expensive flying into the Midwest. $500 each! I'm also saving up for a new dishwasher.

So lots of different things going on but just don't feel it's very blog worthy right now. We haven't made any progress on the closet buildout since we've been sick and overworked. I have been couponing more, though. Doing a lot of cost comparisons when grocery shopping. I know that you all like my writing so if you are up for random thoughts every now and again, I'll still post. But I also know that what attracted a lot of you to my blog was my daily outfits or home improvements. We've slowed way down on the home improvements and the daily outfits are what I can wrangle out of the three different closets that smell clean and don't require much effort. Yep. I'm slobby again. When the alarm goes off at 5:30 or 6am, I don't even want to think about what I'm going to wear.

Ironically, my Pinterest account is pretty popular. Can you guess which two household items get repinned every damn day? My vanity and my bathroom. Those are the most popular items on my boards.

Soooo...if you'd like to hear about anything particular, let me know. I'm a writer, so you know I can't stay away too long. Oh, I did have to stop following another CA blogger that got too big for her britches. And mistakenly put a pic of her house on her blog while the MLS listing was still searchable on Trulia. Look here kids, if you can afford a $1.5M house on a blogger's salary and redo your entire gourmet kitchen when there was nothing wrong with it to begin with, then I just can't relate to ya. She can sprinkle her cupcakes in 24K gold for all I care. I prefer to keep things real.

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  1. Really enjoy you blog. I laughed out loud about the kitchen, I thought exactly the same thing!

    1. Isn't that ridiculous? You move into this gorgeous house with a kitchen island full of character that makes the kitchen stand out and because you don't like the color of the granite, you do a full kitchen reno? I don't even have granite. I'm dealing with chipping cabinets and old formica. So I did what I could to make it livable for the next couple of years and will slowly look into replacing appliances, etc. at first. I will never have the type of kitchen she does, nor will most of her readers. So when you can't relate to other people's luxuries, it's time to find people you can relate to. And I think when you are given handouts and freebies as a blogger, you lose site of why you started the blog.

  2. Don't know this other blogger you're discussing, but she sounds like one I would not follow. I read your blog because you're a real person, showing clothes and renovations that can be purchased on a real person's salary. I've stolen many an outfit inspiration from you, so I hope you don't leave us completely! ...Carol