Monday, January 27, 2014

Fun Weekend

Our Wi-Fi is on the fritz and Bright House is coming to take a look at it tomorrow. Just hoping it stays up long enough for me to finish this post.

After spending a frigid 15 hours in Connecticut (yep, flew in for a meeting and then out the very next morning), I worked from home the rest of Friday, took a disco nap, and then headed down to Ft. Myers to visit my friend Christy (she goes by Christina but I've known her since we were 11 and she will always be "Christy" to me).

On my way down, I stopped in Sarasota for a bite to eat. Not wanting to break from my vegetarian/pescetarian diet, I stopped at Longhorn (yeah, I know...meat) and had shrimp and a salad. A young Chinese couple sitting beside me at the crowded bar wanted to know if I was eating chicken or shrimp. My appetizer was huge so I invited them to share. After handing over my debit card to pay my bill, the bartender informed me that my tab was paid. What?! Are you kidding me? Not only had the couple paid my tab, but they also invited me and my family several times (and provided their address) over for an "authentic" Chinese dinner. How sweet!

Christy and I woke up the next morning and headed to Sur La Table for our cooking class: Four Desserts Every Cook Should Know. This is the second class I've taken at a Sur La Table. About 3-4 years ago, hubby treated me to a class on croissants for my birthday. I love their format and how they break down recipes. The instructors are knowledgeable and there's always plenty of food to sample. Too bad the apple tart was the only thing we could take home.

So what was on the menu?
  • Apple Tart (notice how beautiful Christy's came out and how sad my turned out)
  • Crème Brulee (unfortunately, we ate them before I could snap a picture)
  • Chocolate Molten Cake (a bit too bitter and rich but still good)
  • Grand Marnier soufflé (did you know you could make a roux to keep a soufflé from falling?)

After class we shopped, split pasta at Brio, and shopped some more before I headed back to Tampa. Of course I had to stop in Sarasota on the way back (no, not to visit the Chinese couple) to pick up some stuff at Trader Joe's. I'm hoping Tampa/St. Pete TJ's opens later this year.


Oh sooo sad...
All gone. Whoops.


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  1. So jealous of the cooking class--not for me--for my husband (who cooks like an army of foodies is coming over every night but can't make a dessert to save his life).

    As for diet, I can say I've felt the same and had very positive results with sticking to something more akin to Paleo/South Beach. Very few, if any grains, have reduced my bloating and general constant intestinal discomfort. We still eat lots of meat and fats, but I find myself with way more energy and my pants button! I'm not sure what the magic bullet is for feeling good, but committing myself to eating four servings of veg daily and not putting it in a wrap/sandwhich/pasta has been challenging but good. I'm not much for prep, and as I said, DH cooks, so cooks like a crazy person on sundays now, stocking the fridge with things like smoked pork, carrot and ginger soup, black bean soup (with tons of veggies) and cut peppers/celery/carrots so that while I'm working from home I can just reach for those things. Cut veg with hummus is my go to.

    This week was a beef bourginoune, carrot soup, black been soup, smoked rib eye, and of course, my cut veggies.

    Before you think I sound pampered...he cooks as his hobby. He makes an unholy mess, treating our kitchen like a restaurant kitchen (meaning stacks of dirties a mile high and food debris on the floor) and my contibution is keep that shit clean.

    TLDR--love the class, good luck on the diet!!

    1. MMMMM. Sounds delicious. Especially since I'm craving meat right now. Almost 3 weeks without it. So far so good but I still have cravings. I'm getting creative in the kitchen with our choices but like you mentioned, a lot of the choices involve a starch. Unfortunately, I'm the only cook in the house and I typically clean up the mess, too.

      On another unrelated note, that was probably my last post for awhile. I knew when blogging became more of a chore and less fun then it would be time to stop. So for now, I will continue to focus on getting financially healthy and just living my life without the pressure to blog. Thank you for coming back over the last two years to read my blog. I do appreciate it!