Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Financially Healthy - Want vs. Need

One of you commented on my post yesterday about "want" vs. "need." I replied by saying that lines are often blurred (no, not a Robin Thicke reference) when it comes to want and need. You can make all the justifications you want to convince yourself that you need something. Some of my justifications in the past were, "But if I don't have anything new to show you guys, you won't follow. You won't come back." Is this a popularity contest? No! It's a side hobby that allows me to write and express myself creatively through words and photos.

Some blogs I follow do show the fashion mixed in with the writing. And like TV, there are some days where I just want mindless dribble. I don't want to have to
think deeply about a subject. I just want to look at the pretty pictures. Or the pretty clothes on the pleasantly plump person who could stand to look "cuter" if she lost more weight. Yes, this I'm poking fun at myself.

I struggle with my weight. Have struggled most of my adult life. I'm glad I've learned portion sizes and food substitutions. It's the one thing WW taught me.
And I believe it's helped me over the past two and a half years to maintain my weight. When I was sick over Christmas, I was weighed at the Dr.'s office. I was pleased to find that in the last two years, I've gained only 9lbs of my pre-Memorial 2011 weight back. That means I'm still down 21lbs.

While I'm still considered "obese" by any gym's BMI standards, I no longer have the same issues I once did when I was heavier. My blood pressure (the root of evil that started the weight loss journey) is consistently normal now. I can still cross my legs. I can breathe normal when lying down. It's these little things that I watch for and know when to scale back on the food intake.

There have been times lately when I've wanted to shut down this blog. Especially since I'm trying to get financially heathly over the next couple of years. Getting up at 5:30am doesn't exactly inspire me to pick a cute outfit.
Monday's seem to be the worst in the fashion department for me. I grab the jeans, company tee, and comfy shoes on Mondays. The hair goes up in a ponytail and the makeup gets slapped on quickly so that I can be out the door by 6:30 and on the road before rush hour. This is a necessity. It's what I need to do to keep my sanity and not quit my job because of the drive. And it's not so much the drive. It's that since moving back to the Tampa Bay area, all major (and a lot of minor) roads are under construction. I take a toll road most of the way to work to avoid the extra time and frustration on the free 1-275 highway. That's my necessity, since I-275 will be under construction until 2016. The Crosstown was under construction until last Friday, where I would spend upwards of 10 minutes waiting for traffic to move through one lane near downtown Tampa. I'm happy to report that all lanes are now open! Deep
gouges in Ulmerton Road are not helping my alignment or tires, let alone commute time. And since I was in college, US 19 has been under perpetual construction.  Almost every major road I travel on during my commute to/from work will be under construction for the next couple of years. I read an article this morning that said our roads in Tampa are now worse than those in Orlando. And Orlando has some bad traffic my friends!

So getting back to want vs. need. I "want" the big walk-in room closet. I don't need it. Hubby said, "but sometimes the wants make you happy. Wouldn't you be happy every time you walked into that room and saw all your clothes and shoes in those wardrobes." Well, duh. Of course I would. But we have four upstairs rooms with closets that I can hang out in for awhile until I can save enough to make the want a reality. I totally agree that sometimes "wants" make you happy. Hubby stated he "wanted" a pool in our FL house. It wasn't a necessity. It was a want. To which I argued in my best 13 year old voice, "Ask my next door neighbor Christy and I when we were teenagers if a pool was a want or a need and you'd get a different answer from us!" Being 12 or 13 and not having transportation or a pool during hot, humid Florida summers makes a pool a necessity! But a pool is a different kind of want. You don't throw away pools after one season.

But having more clothes than Ikea wardrobes will support - well that's just crazy. So it's time to do another purging round on eBay and sell off some of the things I haven't worn in over a year. It's also time to look to eBay as a place to start buying the things I "need." Like shorts for the summer. I've got so many paint stained shorts, it's embarrassing. And what better time to buy summer shorts than during -25 degree below temps up north? The pickings will be ripe and the prices will be low.

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  1. What a great and honest post Niki. Want vs. need is a debate many people avoid due to dreading the answers they may arrive at. But as you say the older we get, our priorities change.

    Good luck with the purging and funding your new shorts.

    X x

    1. Thanks so much. Want vs. need will always be a struggle for me but I'll get there.

  2. I am personally fed up of ebay , as a seller and a buyer , i feel neglected .

    I personally have started using , Bivver online auctions .
    Prices are cheaper , and i have sold a few things as well .

  3. Hey are you still planning on selling some things on eBay if so I am looking forward to it! Keep us posted! We miss your posts. Hope you will post again soon I don't comment EVER but I'm always reading!

    1. Yes!! Hoping to get some time this weekend to take pics and post everything on eBay. Thanks for asking.