Monday, January 6, 2014

Financially Healthy - Step 1

If you are an online shopper, like moi, you can't get financially healthy if you are constantly plagued each morning by emails from J. Crew, Gap, Pottery Barn, etc. So to deal with the evil online temptress, I unsubscribed from these types of emails.

I'm very much a "I want the candy placed directly in my face" kind of gal. If I see "take an extra 40% sale items," you better believe I'm clicking that link and getting excited over a possible deal. I may not even need it, but it's on sale, and it's a deal, and I want it, and there's room on my credit card so why can't I have it? As a friend of mine once said fairly recently, "I'll find a way to pay for it later." Well later is here. And the bucks need to stop here.

So if you're trying to make a healthier start, whether it be food, money, or fitness - remove the temptations. For me, it's about unsubscribing to shopping emails and going through my wallet and handing my credit cards over to hubby to keep in a safe, unbeknownst to me, place.

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  1. Great bit of advice and one I must admit to doing. Its far too easy to justify the spend if your saving lots but my motto is Do i need it? Can I afford it? If the answer is no to either then it is not being purchased.

    X x

    1. There's a lot of confusion between need and want and the lines are often blurred when emotions get the better of us. Do I need to get my few blog readers engaged by showing them something new each week? No! It's a task that's just asking for debt trouble. I can't sustain a shopping lifestyle to impress others. It just can't happen anymore. Sure I love clothes, shoes, purchases. But I also love the idea that I'll be able to retire one day.

  2. Yay for you! Financial freedom feels better than a new outfit ever will. Keep posting on your progress and I'll keep reading.