Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Comfy Shoes

Since I work in a casual office and one-two days/week from home, I've been kicking the heels aside in favor of more comfy shoes.  This past Christmas, I asked hubby for my first pair of TOMS. They give to children in need, blah blah blah - I need them for my aching heels! That's all fine and dandy that they are philanthropic. Cool beans. But that's not why I wear them or what makes me buy shoes. I'm not of the mindset where my shoes must be animal free, my clothes must be made of hemp, and crystals heal all. More power to people that are like that but I like the smell of leather and I like the taste of steak. I like sulfates in my shampoo and commercially made laundry detergent. I grew up on trans fats that make french fries and donuts taste divine. And Western medicine is the only thing that makes this gal well. So the only thing that appealed to me with TOMS shoes was comfort.

Over Christmas I got two new pairs of shoes. Both of which support my heels. I've mentioned before that the nerves on my right foot were permanently deadened by cryosurgery. The shot before the surgery is so painful that I live with the pain in my left foot. Rarely do I ever walk around my house without my FitFlops on. They are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. But I can't wear them to work and I'm often cold at work and need something with full coverage.

So hubby got me a pair of TOMS and I bought a pair of Skechers GO Walks. The Skechers are more comfortable on my heels but the TOMS provide more structure to my foot so that I don't over pronate when I walk. Now if only the two can marry and make TOMSchers babies.

Since I'm a writer, I was pretty excited to see TOMS makes a "dictionary" version of their classic shoe. "Words are my life." - Drew Barrymore (Never Been Kissed)

And I had to hunt down the "Americana" version of the GO Walks as they weren't available in my size. Typically I wear a US size 8 in sneakers and closed toed shoes and a 7.5 in open toed shoes. Both of these shoes run large and I sized down to a 7.5.

Oh, and I read that the TOMS Outlet is a bogus site. So be careful.

Skechers Go Walk Americana

TOMS Dictionary Quotes

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  1. Fitflops are my go-to summer shoe also. For happy feet and heels when you can't wear sandals, try Dansko's Sam style. They're a bit pricey (about $120). I can teach all day and not come home feeling crippled. I even wore them on the class trip to Washington, DC!
    Carolyn from Cincinnati