Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Birthday Weekend Wrapup

I've been so swamped at work so I'll keep this short as I'm exhausted doing side-by-sides documenting procedures on a new mortgage system.

I had a lovely birthday weekend. It started with dinner with my mom on Friday night at Bahama Breeze in Tampa, followed by a lovely and intimate dinner with hubby at Ceviche's in Tampa, and then a fun group afternoon with my family at the Apollo Beach Manatee Viewing Center and dinner at Circles, a waterfront restaurant. Have y'all ever seen a manatee close up? I haven't and I've lived in FL almost all my life. They gather in the warm waters of the Tampa Electric power plant from November to April. I was surprised to see sharks and other fish swimming so close to our lovely sea cows. Of course it's against FL law to get near a manatee so we viewed them from the boardwalk on a lovely sunny day. My nephew was in awe of the power plant.

There was a surprise ending to our dinner Sunday afternoon - a pot bellied pig. The woman kept encouraging my nephew to kiss the pig and his expression pretty much sums up the lack of execution on his part.

My sister bought me a lovely tray that goes with the coastal theme of our house and I promptly added it to our foyer.


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