Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Been waiting about 6+ months to break out this sweater. Ain't it adogable? I so want to add a Frenchie to our little family. We're thinking about it. Not sure how Woozie would do as she's pretty territorial and getting up in age. Other contenders: Boston Terrier, Whippet, Italian Greyhound.

So the floors are a work in progress in the dining room. Hubby said the wood plank tiles are a little harder to deal with than regular tiles in that they bow in the middle so you have to make sure you really mortar the back. It's slow go but hopefully we'll have them in by Thanksgiving weekend.

I'm also working on another project upstairs that I'm not ready to reveal just yet (mom got a sneak peek Monday night when she came over to trim the dead ends off my hair, eat pizza with us, and get a lesson on the bead board wallpaper). This project is just for me and is girly. But I don't have all the missing pieces yet so hang tight.

Although we had the drywall delivered yesterday, I don't think we're going to tackle the fireplace room before Christmas. It's just too much to try and do (ceiling and floors). Instead, I'm going to start painting the other living area (the one we've been using) and get it nice and ready for Christmas. I think after doing the tile in the dining room, we might consider having someone lay wood flooring for us in the living room areas. And we can't really do that until next year.

The half bath is also getting a bit of an upgrade. A new toilet! Yay! Our tank was cracked on the old toilet so off to Lowes we went in search of a mega turlet. They didn't stock the one we liked that had an Ikea-like non-slam lid. They also didn't carry bidets. Dang it! Would have been nice to see how the other half washes their backsides. We did end up going for a pretty spendy toilet as we figured it's the only one downstairs and needs to do some heavy doody duty. We got an elongated, wheelchair height one (cause we're getting old in this house - oh the wheelchair ramp up the stairs is coming!) and a large flushing capacity. Everything needs to go to funky town in this bathroom.

So those are the things going on in the house that I'll be posting about over the next couple of months.

I did unsubscribe to a major blogger yesterday. Although I got some inspiration from her, she got a little too big for her britches. I did that with another blogger out in CA last year. I couldn't afford what she was wearing (for free) and nor can I now afford what Miss NY is getting for free from Tibi and Neiman Marcus. So I cut her loose. I ain't got time to find cheap replicas of $1000 coats and $600 skirts when she used to wear Zara and Gap just like moi. I just can't relate to high end shopping. Sure I'll splurge on a few pieces here and there, but I'd rather have a new bed or wood floors for those prices.

{Sweater and Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Alice & Olivia}

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Prabal Gurung Dinner

I've worn this outfit twice now. Once to our lovely anniversary dinner a couple of weeks ago where we had some very yummy tapas at Ceviche's in SoHo (for all you NY'ers, it's not your South of Houston, it's South of Howard in Tampa) and once to work today. And yes, I waited way too long to wear this top. I know Prabal's line came out in Target almost a year ago. Sorry about that. And yes, I spent a lovely day this past Sunday weeding the area around the pool so that we don't look so trashy.

I love this top but don't try picking up boxes of ceramic plank tile in this shirt. I put one box in the cart and about ripped my shirt. Hardware stores and fashion no mixy. So what's this you say about ceramic plank tile? Yep. Hubby and I have big weekend plans for flooring.

We've decided to tackle the dining room floor. Other than adding a few accessories, hanging our awesome new chandelier, and carrying the bead board wallpaper into the room, it's the only thing that needs to happen in the dining room to complete it. So we are forgoing my favorite weekend of ribs at Ribfest and instead putting down new flooring. And I'll cook my fall-off-the-bone pork ribs on our grill instead.

We've gone back and forth on what kind of floors we want. As you may recall, I took one for the lung team when I pried up the nasty, urine stained carpet about a month after we moved in. God, that carpet was disgusting, along with everything in the house. Just a filthy, filthy house I tell ya. But I'm scouring and painting and it's shaping up pretty nicely.

That carpet put me down for a day as I must have breathed something toxic (aka pee pee) and couldn't get out of bed the next day. I kid you not. It was that disgusting. We debated on putting carpet back in the dining room thinking
it would be cheaper than wood or laminate. Wrong. Just as expensive. We wanted hardwood but with installation and product costs, we were looking at $700 just for the dining room alone for 168sq ft, just wasn't in our budget. Laminate? Same thing. Slightly cheaper.

Enter "wood" ceramic tile 6x24" planks. We're gonna give it a try. Hubby knows how to lay tile. Neither of us know how to lay wood. And although the planks were $2.35 each, which is similar to the cost of wood and laminate, we won't need a barrier underneath. We can go straight over the concrete floor. So we're saving on installation and additional product costs as we only need grout and Thinset. Our goal is to get the entire dining room floor down this weekend. I'm also making several trips to Lowe's to pick up the tile. Hubby drives a 2-seater so my car is the workhorse in the family. And it's needing some work. Ugh. Sounds like the tires are about to snap off when going over the shallowest bumps.

I don't want to add too much weight (we really need an SUV), so I'm loading a few boxes at a time in my car. Wish us luck in our endeavors this weekend.

{Shirt: Prabal Gurung for Target | Pants: Old Navy | Shoes: Arturo Chiang | Lippies: Nars Dragon Girl}


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