Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pink Jungle

Good lord, I feel like Super Woman today. Create a Powerpoint presentation explaining how policies, procedures, and training tie together. Check. Go to spin class and give it a 70% effort. Okay, maybe it was 50% but 70% in my head. Check. Drive an hour home and stop by Publix cause I can't possibly eat Cat Cora's chocolate budino without vanilla (albeit "light") ice cream? Check. Whip up a batch of Williams Sonoma's pumpkin cookies for Halloween potluck tomorrow. Check. And bake them in the morning so they are freshy fresh? Check check. Do dishes, take out the trash, and do a load of laundry. Check. Paint bead board in foyer. Check. Yeah, I'm already redoing rooms. But the foyer needed it and I'll show that to you next week. Adding the bead board really tied the room together. And finally, download pictures and write a blog post at 10pm. Checkmate!

Whew! I'm tired. So I'm gonna end this post with some pics of me in uncomfortable (and I'm way too old to be wearing these) camo jeans from Gap. If you are curvy, big boned, like Southern food, hate to exercise, love Cat Cora's chocolate budino, then size up 1-2 sizes in these. Just sayin'.

{Sweater: Old Navy | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Keds | Lipstick: Nars Heat Wave}

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

We've Come A Long Way

Hubby and I met back in 2005. I needed a few technical writers and he interviewed for the job. I called his recruiter right after he left to make him an offer. One of my other technical writers, who later got me a job elsewhere where hubby also worked, thanked me for hiring him as he was "good eye candy." Within two weeks of hubby starting the job I hired him for, I moved on to another company. It wasn't until two years later when I was looking for another opportunity that I once again joined a company hubby worked at. "Eye Candy" girl referred me for the job. In fact, there were six of us crammed into tiny workspaces in one room and I sat right next to hubby.

We started instant messaging one another and looking at each other's music selections on our phone. We would go to group lunches and company events. I developed quite the crush on him and the feeling was mutual. We fell hard for one another and are still crazy about each other. We laugh, hug, and say "I love you" every day. Yep, we're one of those couples you hate. The kind of couple that would rather hang out with each other than anyone else. The kind of couple that can work together all day and still want to be with each other at the end of the day. The kind of couple you roll your eyes at and want to vomit for loving each other so much. The kind of couple we use to long to be but didn't think would ever happen. We really are soul mates.

Fast forward five moves later (ultra-modern condo in Tampa, tinnnny temp apartment in Connecticut, Cape Cod house in Connecticut, tiny apartment in St. Petersburg, and now our forever Colonial in Valrico) in six years, two jobs for hubby and three for me, and more gray hair for the both of us.

Although today is our third wedding anniversary - we got married at the Holiday Inn Clearwater on the pool deck overlooking the gulf - we are going to celebrate this weekend so that we can take some time to just be with each other sans house projects. Neither one of us has been able to relax (or get more than 5-6 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night) since we put in the offer on the home. Too much to do and worry about I suppose. But hopefully we'll find something fun to do and take the time we need to celebrate.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pumpkins and Pumpkin

This past weekend my sister and da boy (aka 'Pumpkin') came over to go pick out mums and pumpkins. I gotta tell ya, I do miss fall in New England. Being able to go to farms and pick pumpkins from the patch and apples from the orchards. Not to mention the cider donuts and that nip in the air. It's a lot different in FL. You typically go to a church or corner lot for pumpkins and then a month later for Christmas trees. But there's one thing Connecticut didn't have in the fall - my family. Walking hand-in-hand with Pumpkin and seeing him carrying around his little orange friend by the stem was just precious.

Because I live about 30 minutes east of Tampa in cow pasture country, there are some places that do up their "patches" right like the one we went to this past Sunday. The mums were priced great  - 4 for $10 but the larger pumpkins were pretty expensive. So we grabbed some smaller ones, took a few pics and then went to Aldi for the $2.99 larger pumpkins. All in 85 degree weather.

House is coming along. I've decided to carry the bead board into the foyer and dining room. We made a lot of progress on the half bath. Just need to add the chair rail and some shelves and it's all done. Hope to have that complete this weekend, as well as my bathroom upstairs. Hopefully I can show you those two rooms next week in addition to my first try at chalk paint on furniture.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Oh Heidi

You could cover Heidi Klum in poop and she would still sparkle. I saw a commercial the other day with her in it and I thought at first it was for Old Navy. Oh no, it was for Jordache jeans. Hmm, funny. The Walmart Jordache special I'm wearing here doesn't make me look anything like Heidi. But they are comfy and my new favorites. Yeah, I know, Walmart jeans. Get over it.

When I was 13, I would have killed for a pair of Jordache jeans. I remember a particular meltdown Christmas fest cause I couldn't open my Christmas gift, which I just knew were Jordache jeans cause that's the only thing I asked for that year. I would go to middle school and switch out my yucky jeans for skinny minny redhead's jeans in the bathroom before the first bell rang.

This curvy gal has been reunited. And it feels so good. And who doesn't love a 40% off sale on jewel-covered sweatshirts? I first noticed this bedazzled specimen in August on my business trip to NYC. But like all things at J. Crew, eventually it all goes on sale. I like to wait about 6 weeks til it's 40% off. It may not be "in season" but what is that for this Floridian? Over the last few days there's been a slight dip in the temps, which means only one thing - well maybe two - you can wear long sleeve shirts without looking like a freaknut and better hair and the camera doesn't fog up. Okay that's three. I can pretty much wear jeans any day at work. However, it has to be with a company shirt, except Fridays where it's a free-for-all. Since I had sister time Friday night at Mugs N Jugs (they have great boneless wings), I thought this would be a good outfit. Probably a little overdressed, but hey - the cooler temps have arrived! I gotta fit in whatever I can before it shoots up into the 90s again.


{Sweatshirt: J. Crew | Jeans: Jordache | Shoes: Donald Pliner | Lips: MAC Current and Sweet Succulence}

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mr. Saturday Night's Alright

Hubby's bday is tomorrow but we celebrated this weekend. Well, we've been kind of celebrating over the last two weekends as I gave him his gift early in case the weather cooled down. Turns out, it has. Five degrees. Hey, it's something. Anything under 90 is something. And the daylight is fading, too. Not like up north, although everyone always acts astonished when I say that it gets dark at 6pm here, not 4pm like up north, when we "fall back." So I gave him a pool lounger and floating cooler. Man heaven! Never having to get out of the pool for a beer. In fact he said the hardest decision was either waiting for the cooler to float back around or flapping his arms to go after it. I went shopping while he had man day.

Over the weekend we had a fancy pants dinner at a steakhouse in downtown Tampa overlooking the Hillsborough River. We split a Chateaubriand and added on lobster tail - cause that's how we fancy roll. Oh, and then I whipped out my Groupon. Cause that's also how we roll. As well as taking our own wine and paying a corkage fee. We ended up taking our last bottle of Jonathan Edwards (not the Medium) Shiraz from Connecticut and it was a delicious end to our latest adventure. We had quite the laugh when the restaurant goofed and brought out a "Happy Anniversary" cheesecake. We shrugged it off as our 3rd wedding anniversary is three weeks away.

{Dress: Zara | Shoes: Nine West}

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