Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Good Closet

You would think with four bedrooms, there'd be enough closet space for everything. There is! I'm happy with my closet. Just need to purchase a dresser or Ikea wardrobe so I have shelving. For now we're using our Ikea Expedit and some bins on our glass shelving, which is what we did in Connecticut as we don't have a proper dresser to hold all our folded crap.

There are two walk-in closets in the master bedroom. I chose the bigger one this time. At the apartment, I gave the bigger closet to hubby. Hubby's closet is fine except that there's attic access in his and the framing was just barely hanging on. So a portion of the attic is exposed (it's also where the second A/C unit is) and hot air is blowing into his closet. Until he reattaches the framing, he's using closets in the other two bedrooms. I'm also using another closet as well for my blazers and long jackets. The "teal" room has become my office (hubby's is downstairs). I've got a little setup that's working for now so that I can work from home 1-2 days/week depending on my workload, which is pretty heavy at the moment. My office is far from being done, though. But I do have an amazing view overlooking the pool and golf course. Not a bad way to spend a day at the office.

What my closet lacks in shelving, it more than makes up for in hanging quadrants. I think this is the biggest closet I've ever had and I'm quite pleased. I still have some room for more clothes. How sad. NOT! What is sad is the 10lbs of stress weigh I put on over the summer that I need to work on getting off. But I haven't really had a moment to just breathe. Today was the first day I actually sat down at lunchtime and addressed my Sasquatch eyebrows and gave myself a pedicure. Personal grooming has taken a backseat to the move/unpacking/painting/work.

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  1. That is a blessing having 4 closets. I have one small closet in my Masters. However, my husband has no space because I have so much I am trying to fit neatly in the closet. Its very hard for me to get and keep my closet neat. I have to store one season at a time.