Wednesday, September 18, 2013

3.1 Phillip Lim for Tarjay

Did the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection happen quietly or have I just been under a house/home improvement rock for the last couple of months? I got an email about it a couple of days ago on launch date but hadn't heard anything prior. But then again, I have about 10 fashion magazines that I need to catch up on and I'm sure it was advertised in one of them. I'm thinking this weekend might be perfect for catching up on fashion. Well, then again, I'm going to make my Parisian kitchen valance this weekend. I'm really excited about how the kitchen is coming together but that's another post. Not quite ready for that reveal. But stay tuned. I'm hoping to show you it next week before I move on to the foyer. Or maybe the half bath. It's a toss up.

So only two pieces caught my eye in his collection. And I adore the 3.1 Phillip Lim line. Although I have no idea what the 3.1 stands for. Just say "Phillip Lim" cause the 3.1 is stupid. I stalked the sweatshirt wrap skirt for eons to no avail in bigger sizes. I think his line, like many other high end designers, only goes up to an 8 or 10. I'm too curvy and squatty to ever see those sizes again. His line for Target goes up to size 16. I was too late to the ball with this collection to snap up the faux leather black dress. Waah! It's cute, darn it. Snookie wahhh!

The other piece that caught my eye was the sleeveless, black jewel collard peplum. It zips up the front! I love me some peplum and he did me proud with this piece. Very nice fit. The peplum isn't too short and the material is a stretchy cotton, similar to Banana Republic's button down shirts for women. I didn't purchase it online but ended up snapping it up in Target today when I was returning a mirror for a project gone wrong. Never try to take a red, plastic mirror frame and spray paint it white. It becomes a pink disaster. I'm on my second can of spray paint and it just wasn't worth the money spent. So I took one of them back and will use the other one most likely as a vanity mirror once I work my way upstairs with the home improvements.

So here's the lucky bastard that came home with me today. Who's a cute peplum? You are!

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