Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back Soon, Hopefully

Where have you been, Niki? Ugh. I'm in Long Island on a business trip. Waiting on my flight home actually. Been a very busy and stressful last few weeks. Closing almost didn't happen. Our broker was horrible and underestimated our closing costs by $2k, leaving just $100 in our bank accounts. Needless to say we are definitely needing some paychecks to catch up and breathe. Almost there.

So we closed on the 7th and went to clean the following weekend. We came in and our living room ceiling was raining. We had water pouring in from the upstairs bathroom sink over the fireplace. After making calls to no avail, we calmed down and decided it was best to rip up the carpet and year out the ceiling drywall. So while we wanted to clean and paint, we are in the midst of a full living room renovation.

We took a week to clean up the mess, clean the house (I was on my hands and knees with respirator, gloves, and an ammonia and baking soda combo to get the ground in dirt off the tile floors. It works! The foyer and laundry room floors look like new tile was just laid.

We rented a U-Haul last weekend and took two days and two full truckloads to move all our stuff from the apartment into the house. Unfortunately my bro-in-law got called away by my sister just as we were unloading the first truck as she was in a car accident. Does bad luck follow me or what? Sister and nephew are fine, thankfully. Her car? Not so much. But I'm just glad they are ok. Because we lost our help over the weekend, hubby and I managed to load up the second truckload ourselves and drive to the new house in traffic and downpour. By 5pm Sunday evening we had had enough. Sore and tired, we just couldn't do anymore. And I had to be up at 4:30am to catch an 8am flight to Islip.

So that's where I sit now, among all the white haired people ready to go back to Flaarida. I haven't even been in the new house more than 24 hours. My clothes remain in boxes in the dining room. So give me until after Labor Day to post again. Been on a whirlwind adventure for 3 straight weeks and I just want to chillax. I have a long Labor Day weekend ahead and I plan to unpack, rest, and swim in our gorge pool. I did manage a trip into NYC yesterday to stock up on my Sabon soaps and Milk & Cookies mixes. See you all in a week or so.
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