Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mellow Yellow

They call me Mellow Yellow. Or Mountain Dew. Or Sprite. None of which are my cup of tea soda. I'm a diet coke gal. But my outfit looks like it should be bottled and gulped down by thirsty, acne-prone teenage boys.

Thanks for understanding about my once-a-week posts. We have one week left until we close on the new house. Hubby and I took a trip to Valrico - that's where the new house is - this past weekend just to check on it, and also to get out of the house. We literally have been hunkered down in our apartment weekend after weekend. That's partly why I'm not blogging as much. There's not much to say. We've gotten into a little habit of streaming a movie on the weekends and catching up on Netflix freebies.  Our other splurge is spending $20 once a week to pick up takeout from different restaurants. Tomorrow will be Thai night.

I made an appointment to drop off my car to get serviced next Wednesday right before we do the walk through and then head to the title company for closing. Been weird not driving it but very appreciative that hubby works from home and has been able to give up his car for the last three weeks. Of course I'm getting all kinds of comments on his car from my co-workers. My husband has a BMW Z3. It's very cute, but it's also 12 years old, paid off (yay!), and really needs some work (windows won't roll down, muffler sounds like it's falling off, check engine light won't go out, etc.). Don't get me wrong - totally grateful for transportation during this time. But I don't like when people judge others based on what they drive. My husband says to just ignore people's comments and don't let the jealousy get to me. When people are jealous of things that I own, I go into a defensive mode and try to downplay the item. And isn't it quite ironic as my hobby on the side is to pose in front of you and show you what I do have?

And I have to say that my outlook on fashion blogging is a bit jaded after a humbling two months of saving for our house. Right now I find it trivial. I look at the clothes in my closet and think, "That $50 skirt could go toward groceries right now." It's really made me think about where I spend my money and the amount I should be putting away for emergency savings and retirement. I'm almost 42. My closet isn't going to take care of me when I'm older. Of course when the financial scrutiny is finally over next week (underwriters questioning our every bank transaction is a huge invasion of privacy in my opinion) I know my thought process will shift toward fixing up the house. However, I consider that an investment, whereas a J. Crew skirt, eh, not so much. So this blog may completely shift to a house blog similar to Young House Love but with less DIY cause I'm not that good at it.

{Dress: Gap | Jeans: Sears | Chucks: Thrifted | Necklace: Bubble Bar}

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  1. Glad you are back. Cute outfit! I have been reading Mr Money Mustache lately. You might find it interesting.

  2. I love your necklace! and I think that the mellow yellow colour suits you a lot.
    Re - the wardrobe, I think we all reach that stage where it all becomes just 'things' but you will probably feel better once your house deal is sorted. cheers Wendy

  3. There is nothing wrong with fashion blogging that focuses on how you are using the pieces you already own! In fact, I think it would be refreshing to see someone who didn't continually buy new pieces for OOTD shots. I started following bloggers for real life inspiration and I think its a lacking element with most OOTD/fashion bloggers.

    Plus YHL is totally phoning it in and if they spray paint one more thing I'll scream!!! Please don't do that...

    1. Well to save money, we will have to DIY a lot of things. Hubby and I talked about finances last night and agreed that the last 2 months were the first time that we truly were on the same page with money. We knew each other's debts and worked so well together in our saving and spending. It was very eye opening for me and we agreed to set up a savings account after this experience and work toward healthier money habits. So in retrospect, although this process was extremely stressful, a couple good things came out of it. The one thing I like about YHL is their approach of saving for home rennos. That's prob what struck a chord with me most. But yeah, I do see some spray paint in our future. I'll try not to go overboard.
      And I always thought my small audience would grow bored if i kept showing the same clothes mixed up. I thought to keep it fresh, I had to keep adding to my closet. No? Hmmm. Well that's great! And I can do that. :-)