Thursday, July 18, 2013

Heat Wave

My fellow New Englanders, are you dying up there from your 100 degree heat wave? Take it from a Floridian, stay in the AC and hydrate. Or spend the week in the pool! Do it before it's fall again! It comes too quick. When I lived in New England, only one out of the four years up there did it ever reach 100 degrees (I believe it was 103 for about two days). I actually thought it was wonderful! Because I came from a state with intense sun and heat for six months at a time, getting into the 90s in New England was incredible for me. In April '09, one weekend it hit 90 for the two days and my hubby and I walked down to the beach in West Haven and just soaked it all in as we knew it wasn't going to last.

In FL, 96 degrees is just another day. Although we have had one wet summer this year and the temps have been in the high 80s. This is the first summer I've been through down here in five years and I don't ever remember it being this rainy. Typically we get the afternoon thunderstorms that make a lot of noise, look intimidating, and then pass leaving steaming roads and suffocating humidity in their wake. This year, the rain comes and doesn't want to leave.

So in honor of your lovely heat wave, I wore my Nars Heat Wave lipstick. It photographs so well. And I love these Gap jeans. They are fab, they fit fab, and look awesome. Bought them about two months ago on sale. I did ditch the collar for work. It swivels on me throughout the day and is a bit stiff to sit in all day.

{Top: Michael Kors | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Kensie Girl | Collar: Charming Charlie | Lips: Nars Heat Wave}

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