Monday, July 22, 2013

Doing Time

No pics today. Just some ramblings. I'm grateful for my mom taking time out of her day Saturday to drive 45 minutes to come pick me up and rescue me from apartment prison. That's what hubby and I are not so affectionately calling our time at base camp these days, weeks, last month and a half. I get the "oh but you only have a few more weeks of this and than you'll be in your home" from people who then insist on telling me all about their different money market, 401K, mutual investments, and the conundrums they face in just how to invest their money. Pardon me while I turn my back and eat my $1 Taco Bell Griller and fiddle for a quarter to buy the break room diet coke.

So back to window shopping at International Plaza. Mom wanted to take me some place nice to eat for lunch but I insisted on keeping it cheap and eating in the food court. I told mom that I'd show her a low cost day at the mall. We sampled the free food court chicken and sammies, headed over to Godiva for my free monthly truffle, only to be disappointed by a temporary station while their big remodel gets under way. We headed to MAC where we used my 40% discount to buy cosmetics (I just needed a new eyeliner - under $10). Since Westshore mall is less than a mile away and mom still hadn't found her "jaundice" shirt (she was looking for a pale yellow shirt), we made a brief stop at that mall. To which we had $1 three minute massages that felt more like sitting against a punching bag. Of course cookies are the only cure for bruised backs. And I just made it out of Hallmark with my niece's birthday card when the fire alarm and creepy robot voice instructed everyone to evacuate the mall. Ahhh, what a good Saturday it was indeed.

I then spent Saturday night and practically all day Sunday watching the Netflix original "Orange is the New Black." Perfect prison comedy, which seemed to be the theme this weekend as hubby and I finally broke down Friday night and watched Django Unchained.

We're making good progress on cleaning out the freezer. We've slashed our grocery bill in half by doing so. We're having some odd combinations but it means less food to haul over in a few weeks to the new house and more money for our down payment and moving expenses.

I think the pressure of buying a house is starting to unravel hubby and I. I've expressed before just how disappointed we are in our realtor and lender's lack of responses. The lender sends an email that has this form or that form and says, 'Sign and scan back to us.' We do so promptly, try to ask a question only to hear crickets. This process is taxing enough. Communication would go a long way to ease a buyer's nerves and stress level, don't ya think? We have an idea of what's going on in our loan process, but we're not exactly sure. We wrote yet another large check last week to buy the first year of homeowners insurance. You have to pay that up front. So keep in mind when buying a house that you have to pay an earnest deposit, appraisal, and homeowners insurance before closing ($5K for us) and then your closing costs and prepaids (two months of taxes and insurance for Escrow shortages/overages) on the day of closing. Inspections are optional costs for the buyer as are termite reports (except for FHA loans - termite reports are mandatory).

It helps me to write about this. I know you all are probably sick of hearing about it, but in a way it's cathartic for me. And if I were a potential home buyer reading this blog, I would find all this information helpful. Hopefully it helps you, too, either now or when you get ready to buy a house.


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  2. Ug, sorry things are sucky and stressful with the house! It is really the worst time, worse even than when you are desperate to sell. Unresponsive service people should be fired....we're it possible at this point! Chin up...keep,talking, we are listening.