Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Ready to see the upstairs of the new house? Okay, just like the downstairs, you need to keep an open mind. There's good space upstairs. Plenty of bedrooms (3 + master) and two bathrooms. Cleaning and paint will go a long way until we can replace the hallway with wood floors. We'll probably keep the carpets in the bedroom, provided I can't detect the smell of dog or cat piss.

Let's climb some stairs. One of the criteria for me in the new house was two or more levels. I love two stories. Just feels cozier to me than a one story.  The stairs start straight at the bottom but then make a sharp 90 degree turn. Getting furniture up the stairs will be interesting.

This is at the top, looking down the stairs and looking down the hall into the master. So we'll start there. I have a huge linen closet (shown in the second photo on the right), something I currently lack in the apartment (we keep our towels on top of the washer and dryer right now).


I'm now standing in the master bedroom. It's a pretty good size (not sure of exact dimensions). It's big enough to fit our California King, which we don't have yet, but it's on our list of must-have purchases. It's also big enough if we want to add additional Ikea storage units, we can. We do have his/hers walk-in closets and plenty of closet space in the three additional bedrooms. My closet is off to the left, hubby's is on the right, as is the master bath. Not gonna show you the master bath because it was nasty. It's also a weird configuration where one sink is on the outside of the bathroom door. It has no bathtub so the plan down the road is to change the shower into a garden tub/shower. This is going to be a project so it will probably have to wait until next year or so. For now, it will be hubby's bathroom (unless I have to pee in the middle of the night, which happens).

There are only two ways to get to that beautiful upper deck and the door you see on the left is one way. The other way is to go out any of the three sliding glass doors on the main level and then climb up the stairs on the left side of the house.

So we'll leave the master bedroom now and go down the hall to the other three rooms and bathroom. I'm glad it's a split level plan upstairs. Keep all the hooligan family members away from our bedroom door. The main full bath is on the left as is my office, and then the other two rooms are on the right. My office has the pool and golf view (yeah, I'll get a lot of work done). The guest rooms overlook the front of the house.

When my stepfather found out that we were planning to buy this house with four bedrooms and a den, he wondered if we were also planning to have kids. Uh, no. I realize it's just the two of us but for the last five years, hubby and I have been living in an average of 1000-1200sq feet. We're ready for more space. We have stuff and hobbies and want to spread out. We'll use one room as a guest room with a full size bed. Another room will be my craft room. Yeah, I like to craft. I want to start sewing, actually. One room will be my office as I can work from home one day/week. And then we have our master bedroom. The den downstairs will be occupied by my hubby as his full-time office. So see? We will make use of all the rooms in the house.

Let's look at the bath first. Here's the plan. First thing's first and that's cleaning and painting, just like all the rooms. The vanity is in good shape so I'm going to replace the countertop, hardware, and sinks (it has dual sinks). Down the road, we may put in a deeper tub and redo the entire tub/shower/wall tile. Again, that's a bigger, more expensive project so it will have to wait.

There's nothing special about the other two bedrooms. They are just bedrooms with closets so I'll just show you my special, turquoise office that is similar to the other two rooms. Oh that color is staying. Cause nothing says productive like turquoise paint. I'd like to get a Parson's writing desk and will probably utilize our white shelving units in either my office or the craft room. I'm putting the desk directly in front of the window so I can see that beautiful view.

So that's it. No more house pictures until we can close on it at the end of July or the first week in August. But I may share with you my vision for the house room by room.

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  1. Very nice! The house looks solid and perhaps needs a bit of paint .. but looks good otherwise.


    1. Yep, like I said, it all gets repainted. Cleaning and repainting is the first thing we are doing after closing.

  2. Thanks for the upstairs tour. I like the turq paint and can understand your desire to spread out.

    1. You're welcome. We still have to get through the appraisal and go through underwriting so I'm trying not to get any more emotionally attached in case it doesn't happen. Those are the plans for that house but if it doesn't work out, there's something else out there. :-)