Wednesday, June 5, 2013


{Pants: Old Navy | Shirt: J. Crew | Shoes: Zara}

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  1. Perfection!

    As the ultimate form of flattery, I will be copying this look today...well, I'll be wearing a pencil skirt, but hey I still owe you!



  2. This looks great. Well done! But is there text?

  3. Thanks! No text. Still a little pissed and wrestling with finding a balance of saying what I want to say and how I talk and act in my life to what is acceptable to write on my blog. I want to be able to express myself and say what I want without my writing being taken out of context. I will use words from time to time that do make people shudder. Again just trying to find the balance while maintaining my integrity.
    I'm also deep into the house hunting and were in the process of making an offer on a nice colonial. So very busy with that. :-)

  4. I read the last post, and the comments. I understand what the people were saying when they commented on your choice of words....however this being YOUR blog, the choice of words are just that -- your choice. You had written a while back that you were frustrated at feeling you had to be "politically correct" on this blog, at that time I wrote that some people would like what you had to say (and how you say it) and that others wouldn't.

    Guess what I'm saying is that you get to decide WHAT you write on here, and you get to decide HOW you will right it. We get to decide if we want to read it.

    Write on Niki, write on.


    1. And there it is! You get it! My blog, my words, my personality. I was telling my sister last night that I try and refrain from swearing on my blog, unlike in real life where "fuck" seems to be my favorite (and oft used) word. I was also making a point to my sister that 60 years ago, using the word "gay" didnt have the same connotation as it does now. I have a gay friend who met up with my husband and I a few weeks back after he took a "whore's bath." I thought that was hilarious. But that word might offend the self-employed women with night-time shifts. ;-) I am a blatently honest, witty, smart woman who doesn't hold back and nor should I. Thank you for your reassuring words, Julie!