Monday, May 20, 2013

Prison Break

Quick post tonight as I'm getting sleepy after a long day celebrating my mom's birthday on the water in Dunedin. My sister rented a little 2-bedroom villa overlooking the intercoastal. One of mom's favorite local bands, The Black Honkeys, was putting on an afternoon performance by the pool. It was just a nice day lounging by the pool and then celebrating her milestone birthday with friends and family.

I went off WW for one day. But I am down 1.2lbs from a week ago. Picking it right back up tomorrow and not getting down on myself for some drinks, hamburger, and cake.

Starting weight this time: 178
Week 1 weight: 176.8

I'll post more on my food when I have a little more time. Sister and I ended up wearing matching colors, even down to our gel manicures.

{Husband liked the cool effect of the stairs with my dress on this one
Dress: Target | Scarf: J. Crew Factory Outlet | Barrette: Target | Necklace: Sam's Club | Lippies: Nars Dragon Girl | Sunnies: Ray Ban}

{Excuse the quality - taken with a phone}


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  1. Cute! I like maxi dresses as a nicer alternative to shorts. Do you mind if I ask -- how tall are you??

    1. Thanks! I'm a shorty. 5'4" on a good day. Most maxi dresses are too long for my height.

  2. Great summer dress, you look very comfortable. I really need to go shopping and get some new maxi dresses, you've inspired me. Sorry, couldn't sign on with Wordpress so had to pick anonymous.

    Dez @