Monday, May 6, 2013

Girl's Day Out

I lied. I'm posting this week. Okay, just today's post as I took these pics on Saturday and I'm on my way to Connecticut today.

Mom, sister, and I went for makeovers, lunch, and shopping in Clearwater. We started at one of my favorites - PF Chang's. It recently opened in Countryside Mall (there's been one in Tampa for years). This one is a little different as it's a concept restaurant. There's no giant Trojan horse outside. At least put up a pony, guys! Or maybe a little kitten door handle. It's a smaller restaurant with one wall of sliding glass doors that open all the way (although in FL, not sure when bug free, humidity free days would justify those doors staying open for more than 2 minutes. Eh, maybe in January.) They're calling this a "signature bistro dining experience" as it's only 6,000 square feet and will serve as a concept that will possibly be used to open other PF Chang's. That's a good thing.  A lot of states don't have PF Chang's. When I lived in Connecticut, there was one in Stamford that was 45 minutes away from where I lived. Granted it was in the same mall as Zara so it was a no brainer making the trip. But heck, if I was gonna go that far, might as well add 30 minutes to the trip and just go into NYC, right? PF Chang's did eventually open another location in West Hartford, but again - 45 minutes away. While mom and I stuck to our normal lunches (lo mein and Mongolian beef), sister wanted something light. She went for the chicken noodle soup, which came in a huge toilet bowl that serves 4! I had to get a picture of it as it was fodder for our loud joking (sorry ladies sitting next to us). While mom and I were enjoying our salads and ginger beer (lemonade + ginger - no alcohol), exploding ceramic shrapnel flew into my side and my mom's leg. Hello? What the heck just happened? A server dropped a plate and a few pieces hit us. No injuries, but we did end up getting new drinks. As my sister said, "Oh no. I feel a letter coming on." I've been known to write letters to companies that fail to live up to my dining expectations. But they made it right and no letter is needed.

So back to the makeovers. It was held in Macy's at the Estee Lauder counter. I'm not a huge fan of Estee Lauder, as I prefer Make Up For Ever, Graftobian, Dior, and MAC. I don't like to feel makeup on my face. And in Florida, any makeup put on my lids, under my eyes (eyeliner), etc. just ends up smearing after a couple of hours (we were in air conditioning all afternoon and my makeup still smeared). A Largo-based salon provided hair and nail services.  For a 5,000 square foot salon trying to promote their talents, they brought in their flunkies. I sat down to get my nails done expecting a little soak, some filing, etc. Instead, I picked a color and she started painting. I said, "my nails probably need to be filed as they're all different sizes." She did a little bit of filing and then started painting (yes, without wiping the dust off my nails). Then she wondered why she wasn't getting clean results and ended up redoing a couple of my nails over again. So I just sat still, waited for it to be over, and removed the bad manicure when I got home.

As I was getting my kindergarten paint-by-numbers done, my sister Rachel was getting Bo Derek braids by a male student afraid to touch her locks. Let the eye-rolling begin.  Mom was in the hot seat with beach bunny head makeup artist. When I first saw the woman that was going to work on my mom's makeup, I recoiled in fear. This so called traveling big wig looked like she didn't miss a day in the sun and her streaks of neon peach blush could have guided little kids at crosswalks. Mom said all neon beach bunny could talk about while spackling mom was remembering to pay her Victoria Secret bill. And sure enough, she was in there when we were.

So here are the results of our makeovers. Couldn't get a picture of mom. In fact mom couldn't be found when I was done getting my "beach glow" and outfit-matching makeup (I gave my makeup artist free reign). Turns out, mom made a beeline to the bathroom where she washed off her new look and reapplied her regular makeup. 

{Seahorse shorts: Old Navy | Top: Tommy Hilfiger | Shoes: Keds | Necklace: J. Crew | Belt: (bought in Italy)}

Ugh, no color correcting, no eyebrows, no highlighting. And I will never understand matching eye makeup to an outfit.  Lipstick? Yep. I do it all the time. But eye makeup is not a purse or shoes. It needs to compliment your skin tone and eye color, not your frocks. The one redeeming aspect of my eyeshadow? She used an orange shadow on my lid. I have blue eyes and orange really makes my eyes pop. Why? It's a complimentary color. Blue and orange are directly across from each other on the color wheel. When put together, orange and blue compliment each other just as red and green, and yellow and purple, I'm a huge fan of consulting a color wheel for makeup and clothing and wish more makeup artists understood the importance. So here's your "complimentary" breakdown of what will make your eyes pop:

  • Green/Hazel eyes - lavender and pink shadows
  • Blue eyes - golds/bronze, peach, and browns
  • Brown eyes - oh you have it made! You can get away with any shade! Jewel tones (blues, greens, purples) look amazing with brown eyes!

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