Friday, May 31, 2013

Chuckie 2

So here is the 2nd pair of Chucks I bought. Weird thing is that they are the same size as the neon pink ones (size 7) but fit about a 1/2 size smaller. They are still fine as Chucks run big but they are pretty much true to the size I need. I just loved the washed denim look. And speaking of denim, I now get to wear jeans to work on Fridays w/out a company shirt (not even sure when the company shirts will arrive as I placed the order 5 weeks ago). Can you believe I've been at my new job for 5 weeks now?

Sorry I've been MIA (no, not the rapper) for the last few days. Hubby and I have been busy for the last few nights and our little "project" has been consuming waking and sleeping hours. Not to mention throwing off the whole Weight Watchers counting. I'm trying but it's been a little difficult right now as we are preoccupied with some things that hopefully I'll be able to share with you next week. A bit nerve wracking right now, though. So just bear with me. Things happen in life that put blogging on the back burner.  For now, I must get some sleep. Tomorrow is another day to gather documents and start playing the "will they, won't they" game again.

{Shirt: J. Crew | Jeans: Old Navy Rockstar | Shoes: Converse Shoreline}

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