Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Sometimes my camera cooperates perfectly, click, click, click. And other times? Click...wait 10 seconds, click...waiting for Godot, click...I just turned 53,'s 2075. On those days, like today, I get frustrated and capture 30 shots (normally it's double or triple that amount) and then give up, hoping for the best.

Yikes! I just saw a picture of Mary Tyler Moore on ET. Oh my.

And we're back. I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to get Depeche Mode tickets. While I had a great time with my friends in 1990, just a day or two before we graduated high school, I also feel like that synthesizer ship has sailed. Now don't get me wrong. Me likey the synthesizers. I grew up on it. But I recently saw a picture of Martin Gore and he isn't quite what I remember. I know we all age, but dem drugs have taken a toll. And if they are affecting their looks, you know that their voices will also be affected. It's gonna happen anyway because of age, but when you Break Bad, it can't be good long term. And after Violator, their songs just didn't pique my interest.

Feeling a little simple black and gold today. Hair is growing and flipping out weird in the back. Getting ready for a little summer ponytail.

Tomorrow I must awake early and go get a test. Busy, crazy day tomorrow so no post.

{Tank: Talbots | Pants: Zara | Cardigan: J. Crew | Necklace: eBay | Shoes: Simply Vera Wang}

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  1. I adore your necklace! Do you know what seller you bought it from or how you found it??



    1. I have a spare and it says lydell nyc on the tag. Sorry, I can't remember the seller.

  2. Some of these rockers have partied & kept their voices, so y'never know. I usually just listen to the old cds and not risk the in-person concert. lol

  3. Very elegant! Your necklace is fabulous indeed.

    Lady of Style

  4. Like everyone else I'm loving the necklace. My camera is as bad. I have to take what seems like hundreds to get one semi decent one.

    X x

  5. One of my favorite outfits. Nice.