Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend in Review

Hope you all had a nice weekend. Ours was muggy and we'll be getting some cold weather again this week. However, husband and I had a nice day out on Saturday. We started off at an art festival in Tampa, then explored some neighborhoods in South Tampa to get a feel of where we would like to buy our next house (our CT house - yep - still on the market). We then headed to Total Wine, which is like a field trip for us as we tend to stock up on beer and wine (two dozen bottles of red is about what we walk out with). We then picked up Pei Wei and called it an evening.

On Sunday I made a return at Macy's and wandered the mall. Found some cute nautical critter-like pants at Old Navy that I'll hold off on showcasing until we have warm weather again. I am also obsessed with eyelet this season. And it's everywhere. However, it's been hard to find the large-hole eyelet that I like. Luckily on two separate shopping trips, I found two pieces. Can't wait to show you the dress. Just beautiful!

Joe Fresh finally opened in my JCP and it's disappointing. Think Lands End at Sears. Just a little corner of the store with a few racks of clothing that most teenagers will like. So much different than the huge layout in Manhattan. I tried on a few things and left the store empty handed and disappointed. Maybe it's just the spring line or maybe it's just missing NYC a bit.

I also spent Sunday evening making cookies. I bought the rather expensive sugar cookie mix from Williams Sonoma this weekend. But they are very yummy. I've been doing something I never did before with cookie mixes. I prepare the mixes as directed and then I roll them in logs in Saran Wrap and then in wax paper and pop in my freezer. I know that a lot of women do this and I just never have. However, it's worked really well for me for the last few months when husband says, 'I want something for dessert' and I'm able to slice a few cookies off the log for immediate gratification.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend.
    Lovely photos and your hat is so gorgeous!

    Lady of Style

  2. Oh, that's a good idea for the cookies. I end up baking them all (and eating them all). So if the cookies are in the freezer, I'll be slightly less tempted.


    1. It works really well and you can separate the dough into 2 or more rolls so they're more manageable to work with when slicing. I sit the roll on the counter for about 30 mins just do it's easier to slice off what I need.

  3. Beautiful photos, so vibrant and colourful

    x x