Friday, February 15, 2013

Lazy Friday Mint

Unfortunately the rain derailed any possibility for pictures of Valentine's outfit #2. Sorry about that. I did have a nice lunch at a local Thai place with my girlfriend and then Bonefish Grill takeout for dinner with hubby, followed by Craigslist Joe documentary. We decided that Valentine's Day should only fall on a Saturday as it's just too exhausting to do anything during the work week.

On Saturday, hubby and I are venturing to a new place in Tampa that I'm so excited to go to. The Oxford Exchange is a bookstore/coffee/tea/boutique/breakfast and brunch place that was opened late last year in a rennovated, 24,000 square foot horse stable across from the University of Tampa. Just looking at the pictures online makes my mouth water.

We are also going to a concert tonight in downtown St. Peterburg. Fishbone is playing at a small concert hall. I feel rather old going to see a band I listened to in college. But tickets were cheap and we might have to temper our hearing after by going to hear jazz or blues.

I picked up this sweater in Target for under $5 this past weekend while having sister time. It's thin so I had to put a tank top underneath. And who really wants to do their hair on Fridays? It's finally long enough again to barely pull it back into a sad excuse of a ponytail.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Oh, got my Prabal Gurung stuff in the mail last night. The floral crush dress - keeping, the white tank with black lace - big time keeping - love it! The shorts - oh hell no. And I'm realizing my body just isn't made for flared skirts. Why widen an already wide part of my body?

And let me talk about the shoes. I saw almost the exact same pair in Coach for over $125. I then went to Banana Republic and at the back of the store, these were in a small bin, along with orange pairs at the back of the store for 40% off. And went I got up to the register, 50% off. Yes, please!

{Sweater: Target | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Banana Republic. Buy them here. | Necklace: Claire's | Lipstick: OCC Queen}

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  1. I've been reading that emerald green will be the big color this year. But your mint green is much more what I want. I can see a couple of emerald things but the mint seems much more wearable to me. Yours is beautiful.

  2. This pastel mint is perfect for you and it goes so well with your hair!

    Lady of Style

  3. Love the mint.
    The Oxford Exchange looks like a fabulous place...enjoy your time there!

  4. I agree with Judy ... dark green is everywhere (esp Macy's INC brand) and I really like the subtle mint green color the best. Looks great with jeans!