Monday, February 4, 2013

Blog Sale is on!

Okay, so here are the things I'm ready to part with. I know some of you want my blazers. Tough! I'm just kidding. But seriously, no. Just can't part with them yet. Maybe in another blog sale. But I do have some goodies. Some of these things you've seen, some of them just didn't work for me and are still new (many with tags still attached).

So here's how it will work. If you are interested in something, please email me at Prices are reasonable and set. No refunds so please ask questions if you are interested. I don't want this stuff back once I ship it. :-) Gotta make room for new stuff.

Shipping - I will purchase flat envelopes for the clothes to keep the shipping costs to $6 for the clothing. However, the shoes will ship in a USPS medium box and shipping will be $12 for all shoes. I believe medium boxes flat rate boxes ship for around $11.50, so I'm just rounding up to make it easy. Not trying to make a profit.

I've sold on eBay for many years and Paypal is the preferred method of payment (100% positive feedback). However, some of you have expressed issues with Paypal. I will take personal checks but they must clear before I can ship your item.

I think that's it for the details. I covered shipping, contacting me, not wanting the stuff back, and payment. Email me with questions. First come first serve.

Fine print - if you are allergic to animals - you probably won't want my stuff. Although Woozie is a 5lb Chihuahua and can't reach my clothes even if she wanted to wear them, I do pick her up sometimes with my work clothes on.

International followers - sorry sweeties - this sale is for US followers only. It just becomes too complicated shipping overseas with customs.

If you want to see how I wore these items, please check out My Outfits on Pinterest (search Fashion at Forty).

{Dress: Modcloth | Size: XL (fits more like a L) | Price: $15}

SOLD! {Lace Peplum top: Zara - NWOT (new without tags) | Size: L | Price: $10}
{Vest: Rachel Roy - NWT (new with tags) | Size: 12 | Price: $20}
{Mini Skirt: J. Crew Origami - NWT | Size: 12 | Price: $20}

{Cream skirt: Banana Republic Factory (NWOT) | Size: 14 (fits snug) | Price: $5}

{Dress: Zara (worn once) | Size: XXL | Price: $15}

{Laser cut skirt: Asos (worn once) | Size: US 14/UK 18 | Price: $15}
{Lace top: Urban Outfitters (NWOT) | Size: L | Price: $5}
{Silk Blouse: J. Crew | Size: 12 | Price: $20}

{Orange blazer: Worthington | Size: PL | Price: $10}

{Capris: NY&Co | Size: 16 | Price: $10}
{Mini Skirt: Ann Taylor (NWT) | Size: 14 | Price: $10}
{Sequin skirt: Gap (new) | Size: 12 | Price: $20}

{Mini skirt: Gap | Size: 14 | Price: $10}

{Tank: Karen Kane | Size: L | Price: $10}

You know how much I loved this one and hunted it down on eBay. It just didn't work for me. Hopefully it will work for you.
{Tartan blouse: J. Crew | Size: 12 | Price: $10}

{Neoprene top: Joe Fresh | Size: M (runs large) | Price: $5}

I'm going to be picky with this one. I bought this size M on eBay before I found the L in store. I paid $60 and will sell it for $40 as that is the going rate on eBay and I'd like to recoup some of my money.
SOLD! {Lace sweatshirt: J. Crew (NWT) | Size: M | Price: $40}
{Boucle top: Asos | Size: 12 | Price: $10}

{Dress: Jason Wu for Target | Size: L | Price: $15}

{Lace print skirt: Jason Wu for Target (NWT) | Size: 14 (runs small) | Price: $15}

{Pants: Asos - NWOT | Size: 14 | Price: $10}

{Espadrilles: Gap - NWOT | Size: 7 (runs large) | Price: $10}

{Gold sparkle shoes: J. Renee (NWOT) | Size: 8 | Price: $20}

I love these Zara shoes but they are too tall for me. 5" heel with 1.5" platform. Bought them new for $70. Tags still attached. Will be picky on these.
{Red rhinestone heels: Zara | Size: 8 (feels like 7.5) | Price: $40}

{Laser cut booties: Lela Rose for Payless | Size: 8 | Price: $20}

{Sequin espadrilles: Guess - NWOT | Size: 8 | Price: $15}

{Heels: Christian Siriano for Payless (worn once) | Size: 7.5 | Price: $15}

{Metallic silver heels: Zara | Size: 39 | Price: $15}

I have an extra Paul's Boutique skull bag. This one is still wrapped in the original packaging.
{Bag: Pauls Boutique Asos | Price: $30}










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  2. I know this comment is not related to your post but not sure how to email you with a question about something fashion relatedI am looking for. Can you send me an email or are you on facebook and I can comment with my question? Thanks. will ck. back in comment section here for your answer.

    1. When you comment on my site, I get an email. My email is listed in this post. I don't share my facebook account.

  3. Good luck with the sale! You've got some really cute pieces and some people will be getting great deals.

    1. Thanks Julie. I'll leave this post up for the next few days. After that, whatever is left is going on eBay or the consignment shop.

  4. oh! i wanted that j crew lace sweatshirt :-( cute stuff!

    1. Sorry, I knew it would go quickly. I'll leave this up for another couplr of days and then will turn it all over to eBay.