Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What the What?

When I picked up this blazer in NYC, I thought it was so unique looking. It's quite busy but has neutral colors that it really goes with so many items in my closet. After a peek online and in International Plaza this past weekend, I'm noticing this print EVERYWHERE!

I've seen it in JC Penney in both pants and blazer, in Forever 21, and in H&M. What the what?! The other thing I noticed in our recently renovated (and very large) Forever 21 is that it is looking more and more like Zara.

{Forever 21 Floral Print Jacket. Buy it here.}

{Worthington Stiletto Ankle Pants. Buy them here.}

And did anyone partake in the Target/Neiman Marcus collaboration this past weekend? I bought the Skaist-Taylor faux fur vest online via Target. When I was in the mall, I headed into Neiman Marcus and saw the signs for the collaboration located on the lower level in the men's department. I was able to try on the vest and a couple of other pieces. And let me tell you, the vest is fabulous! Oh I can't wait to wear it with a simple long sleeve tee from Gap. I might even find a simple, but elegant, rhinestone belt to cinch it at the waist. I miss my few vests that are tucked away in a box in our storage unit across town. But this will suffice when the weather cools down again. I can definitely see myself wearing this for a special birthday dinner out with hubby and family.

I really wanted the Prabal Gurung cape but when I put it on, I looked like I needed a pipe and hat and a new last name to go along with my detective ware. And it was wool. Now I can handle a bit of wool, but not when it's surrounding my neck. I immediately started itching. Ahhh, I so wanted a piece by Prabal. And as I searched around and suspected, they were all out of the Tory Burch lunchbox.

I've been stalking the Zara site for a couple of months now to see if they will restock this Cross Over Jacket, but unfortunately, it's not meant to be. They only have a Medium left in stock online. When I walked into Zara on Saturday, I saw it hanging on a rack. It was so lovely...and a size Small. I asked a very nice sales woman if they had other sizes and she said, "It was an online return. I really wish it fit me, too." So sad. That was going to be my winter jacket because that's pretty much all you need in FL.

But then I walked into Forever 21 where spikes and embellishments were everywhere. And then I spotted it. The Zara lookalike jacket. Not as heavy or as thick (but that's probably better for living in Florida) and the sleeves are faux leather instead of the heavy stretch material of the Zara jacket, but the look was very similar and the best replica I've come across so far. Not to mention that the price was right at $37.

{Faux Leather Sleeve Moto Jacket. Buy it here.}

My last stop in the mall was at Sephora because I needed more Hourglass Veil Primer. Not wanting to fork over the $50-60 for a full size version, I picked up the smaller, $18 bottle. As I was standing in the checkout line, I saw a gift set for $25 that had the smaller bottle plus another moisturizing primer. Sold! Buy the set here.

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  1. I by-passed the Target/Neiman Marcus stuff. I'm a bit anti-shopping due to crowds, but I may venture out this weekend. A Zara is opening here in San Diego soon .. can hardly wait to shop there.


    1. I was in Tarjay on Sunday afternoon. Crowds were minimal and they had plenty of all the pieces.

  2. I really like the print of the blazer. The Target/NM stuff was even better in person than it was online. I didn't buy any clothes but I bought the Carolina Herrera set of travel bags and the long black leather gloves as Christmas gifts. Can't wait to see the vest in action!

    1. I agree with the exception of the Tracey Reese sequined top. That was just too Vera Wang for Kohls for me.