Monday, December 17, 2012

Much Better

Sorry for the late post. Technical difficulties.

I came up with a better combination for these lovely Zara boots. I think the trick for my figure is to wear them with skinny pants that go past the top of the boot to create elongation. To balance out the top, I chose a what I call an A-line jacket. The shoulders are gathered and give the appearance of width but the rest of the jean jacket tapers in, tying into the long, lean look I was going for.

Unfortunately, I don't own many white shirts. I didn't want to resort to my Gap crew neck basic, so I chose this (too thin) old J. Crew embellished top. The jean jacket needed a bit of ironing around the collar but who has time in the morning?

Did you all have a good weekend? Hubby and I joined the family at Legoland in Winter Haven Saturday afternoon. There are only two in the country (the other in LA). Although good for the kiddies, it just wasn't worth the $70+ adult admission fee. Thank goodness my sister had free passes. Highlight was seeing my little nephew in awe of the 'snow' blowing from the rooftops by snow blowers. Yesterday me and sissy went for our monthly pedicures. We tried a new place in the mall and it was an awesome experience for me. I'm the type that would rather have a real good cleaning than a longer massage. Don't get me wrong, I love getting my legs massaged but I don't have the tools at home to really get deep into my toes.

I also got two free dresses at H&M this weekend. I guess they weren't really free as I was using a gift card from a return. But to get two dresses and still have $8 left over is pretty cool. My sister and I also went to Toys R Us where I had a $20 Groupon. We walked out with a Chipmunk DVD and two rolls of wrapping paper. Our grand total? .35. Yay for Groupons.

{Jacket: Target (old) | Shirt: J Crew (old) | Pants: Old Navy (recent) | Necklace: Forever 21 (recent) | Booties: Zara. Buy them here.}

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  1. Nice outfit! I totally think that skinny leg jeans need heels unless you're a leggy gal. I was writing a blog post about a pair of Levi skinny leg jeans that I bought and I wore flats. In the photo's I looked 20lbs heavier! Heels -must wear heels ;-)

    Love the necklace as well :-)


    1. Yep. Especially if you are vertically challenged like me.


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