Friday, November 30, 2012

Theme Week - Tartan Final Look

Another Scottie? Heck yeah! Who can resist cute, little dogs? Seeing as I have an adorable Chihuahua, I'll go out on a limb and say, not me!

I fell in love with this blazer the moment I saw it online and was waiting for a good sale to buy it. Normally, I'm not all about velvet but this blazer and a pair of royal blue pants from Gap have really drawn me in. I haven't pulled the trigger on the pants. And seeing as how I was loving my last blazer from The Limited, and how this one was cut the same, I knew it would be a keeper. What's up Limited? You are churning out some cute things lately.

Now on to the pants. These meet a lot of tick marks on my list. Army green? Check. Cool zippers? Check. Spandex? Check check. The only unfortunate thing with Old Navy skinny pants is that I have to size up. It's always been that way with me. Their shirts are enormous and I have to size down and their pants are cut too narrow through the thighs and I have to size up.

I was going to pair this outfit with those cute, black Zara boots but it's just too warm outside for boots. I have asked Santa Hubby for a killer pair of Vince Camutos for Christmas. Figuring as I've been extra special good this year by moving us back to warmer weather, I would think a zillion pairs are in order.

{Blazer: The Limited. Buy it here. | Pants: Old Navy | Tee: J. Crew | Shoes: Nine West}

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  1. Thats an amazing colour blazer and it looks fabulous. Great for this time of year.

    X x

  2. Beautiful red blazer and of course, the Scottie shirt is adorable. I have a velvet blazer post brewing in my head .. will get to it in December.

    I'm not familiar with Vince Camutos, but looked him up and oooo, nice shoes. I may have to pick up a pair :-)