Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Theme Week Extended?

I've been waiting for all the elements of this outfit to come together. The blazer is repurposed from an Ann Taylor suit where the pants no longer fit. The suit was five years old and had been hanging in my closet that long. I had the blazer dry cleaned last week. The pants I got at Target about 2-3 weeks ago. I was so pleased with them, I also bought another pair in a different color. However, when I went to put them on this morning, they felt a bit snug. Could it be the ribs, pulled pork sammies, roasted corn, or fried Oreos from this weekend's Ribfest in downtown St. Petersburg? Nah.

The piece de resistance are the shoes. I first saw them on but they've been sold out in my size for two months. Trying to track these babies down has been hard. I finally found them at and ended up paying about $30 more than what I would have had they come back in stock on myhabit. These are my first pair of Dr. Marten's. I wasn't sure what size I would be as I know they can run extremely large. I typically wear a size 8 in close toed shoes/boots and a 7.5 in open toed sandals. I chose to size down to a US7/UK5 fearing they would still be too large. But they are actually just right. The leather is very stiff so when I got to work, I whipped out the Band Aids and placed in areas that were starting to rub. I also was afraid that these shoes would be ginormous clown shoes that would swallow up my feet. While a little bulky, I don't feel like a teenage skater punk or goth girl with ripped fishnets and a bad dye job.

My favorite part is the bows. Last year I bought a pair of Lanvin pumps with grosgrain ties that turned out to be too big and too tall (I can't do 4" heels). I had to resell them on ebay and recoup my money. But they were beautiful black patent heels with rhinestone heels and navy blue grosgrain ribbon. As a bonus, these Dr. Martens come with another set of interchangeable bows (black and white polka dots). I'm not sure I'll ever use them as I think they may be a bit too little girlish, but we'll see. And I guess with my faux leather blouse, you could technically say I've extended faux leather theme week.

{Blazer: Ann Taylor | Top: Bluefly. Buy it here. | Pants: Target | Shoes: Dr. Martens. Buy them here.}
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