Friday, November 16, 2012

Preppy Cords

I love it when hair, makeup, and outfit come together. Even though today's outfit would be a big no-no if it were two different shades of denim, I think it works with cords. I didn't plan it this way. It was a quick closet decision this morning based on, 'I want to wear that cool concert tee but I'm not really allowed to wear tees at work.' Put a blazer over a tee and no one thinks twice about it.

I'm loving this cord jacket from The Limited. I tried it on in the store when they were having buy one get one free (or half off - can't remember). I decided to wait until they were having their 'buy 3 items, get 50% off' so that I could get three items for about $100 total. This blazer is just perfect. Great fit, nicely constructed, thick and sturdy, and such a beautiful shade of cobalt blue. Really pleased with this purchase.

I've been having a hard time with my winged eyeliner since moving back to FL. I think it's because I don't sit at a desk anymore to put on my makeup. I put on all my makeup in the bathroom now and I'm having to find the right angle with the magnifying mirror. My wings have been uneven, too exaggerated, too demure, too fat, too thin. Just can't find the perfect Goldilocks combo. So I was online the other night researching winged eyeliner templates and stick-ons (that would be so uncomfortable - just like fake eyelashes, which is why I don't wear them anymore). I tried using tape and a business card to get the right angle and keep the wing straight. I tried using a pointed Q-Tip to spread the wing. Nothing seemed to be working. Until I just stopped using the felt pen for the outside line and the liquid for the filler and just stuck with the liquid. I prefer demure wings - just a hint of a wing. And by not drawing the outside line first with a felt eyeliner pen and sticking just with the liquid, I gained better control of the entire wing. All this trouble and all I needed to do was slowly work the liquid into the outer corners. It took less time this morning than other mornings and I had even, perfect results. Hopefully I can duplicate the effort from here on out.

And my hair is finally growing. Usually it grows like a weed but I guess it decided to take a bear nap for the winter. I'm growing out the bangs again, keeping the layers, but growing it long enough to put into a small ponytail. Why? Pure laziness.

{Blazer: The Limited. Buy it here. | Tee: Jonny Lang concert | Pants: Talbots | Necklace: J. Crew | Shoes: Rock & Republic for Kohl's | Lipstick: Lancome Rouge Radiance}

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