Monday, November 19, 2012


As I've mentioned before, when I moved back to FL I had open toed summery shoes on my mind. And while hanging up my clothes in my sister's closet, she was scrutinizing my wardrobe and picking out the winter blazers saying 'yeah, you'll never need that here.' Well...I think my blood is thinning cause we've had a couple of chilly days and evenings where I wished I had thought to tell hubby "this winter box of clothes doesn't go to storage." So enter some new boots.

Now here's my philosophy with boots. Spend money on good ones that will last you 5+ years. And you know what? They do. I will wear my D&G boots for several more years or until they absolutely fall apart on me. Unfortunately, that won't be this year since I can't get to them. And I've had a pair of Timberland's, similar to the Vince boots below, that I bought in the Pittsburgh airport 10 years ago that I wear every year. Unfortunately, I won't see those this year as well.

So... enter the new boots. This year I bought a pair of motorcycle boots and a pair of distressed everyday boots. I was a little worried about the Vince boots as they are shearling lined but turns out they are only lined around the ankles, not the entire boots like my Uggs (in storage as well). I was afraid these boots would be too hot to wear with socks in FL, but on gloomy, cold days and while sitting at work, they're perfect. While I would prefer a thicker sole for a little more heel protection, they are pretty darn comfortable and perfectly distressed. However, the color is a little off from the website. I was expecting them to be more brown instead of green. I ordered my usual size 8 in boots but probably could have sized down to a 7.5. However, I like a little breathing room for my toes.

I haven't had a chance to wear the motorcycle boots yet. They are a bit flashy with the studs but my plan was to wear them under jeans with just a little bit of flashiness peeking out. They are very soft leather and I'm pleased with the quality. I'm too old and short, and my tree stumps are too big to pull of the flirty, summery dress with motorcycle boots.

{Vince Candice Shearling-lined boots. Buy them here.}

{Sam Edelman Adele boots. Buy them here.}

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  1. Those biker boots are fierce.

    1. Glad you like them. I was hoping they weren't too much. :-)