Monday, October 29, 2012

Questions About Me

So I was nominated for the Liebster Blog Award some time back (and again just recently by Egyptomaniac - thank you!) but never got around to completing the questionnaire. I believe I was nominated the first time when the big move was happening. It also seemed like one of those questionnaires you do in either high school or at work as a 'get to know you' thing. I've never been big on doing those things. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for people taking the time to read my blog, commenting, and thinking of me for blog awards. Although you probably know all about me, I'm happy to answer the 11 questions. However, most of the blogs I follow have more than 200 followers so I can really only complete
the first part.

11 Facts about Niki:

1. I have been told that my laugh reminds people of Betty Rubble. I cackle when I laugh.

2. Starfish - love them. Have them all over the living room. Had a starfish brooch on my wedding dress. Had the same brooch on both of my custom made flip-flops.

3. I can go all weekend in jean shorts, grubby tees, no makeup, and messy hair. In fact, I usually go to the grocery store looking pretty grubby on the weekends. Baseball caps are my friends.

4. I can be pretty picky with food and have been called 'Picky Niki' all my life. I
don't like chocolate and peanut butter together. I only like my hamburgers with cheese and ketchup. I hate any fruit. Prime rib is nasty as are baked beans, black beans, flan, fruit pies, and mushrooms. Oh, and I can't stand when people pop popcorn at work. Makes me queasy.

5. I can't stand roller coasters. I don't like the sensation of falling. I would never
jump out of a plane or bungee jump.

6. I have a heightened sense of smell. I like candles but can't go into candle stores. I get nauseous at work when someone sprays perfume or cologne (really? it has to be done at work, people? do that at home). I once was able to smell a Dunkin Donuts before I saw the signs for it. Yeah, glazed donuts are a weakness.

7. I exercise, but I don't like to. I rarely ever finish a Spin class. After 30 
minutes of group exercise, I'm done. I've also never been able to run. I'd like to but my body just isn't built for it.

8. I love to cook. I can be in the kitchen for hours creating new meals. Whenever I go to bookstores, I head to the cooking section. Cooking relaxes me. If it paid, I would go to Culinary school in a heartbeat and become a chef.

9. When I was 9, I was attacked by a German Shepherd while visiting a friend. Her parents weren't home. The dog came after me, ripped open my right forearm, ripped my pants from thigh to ankle, and forced me to jump out of a window to get away. For years, I was scared of all big dogs.

10. In high school I was in all honors classes. I tested 'gifted' in forth grade.
However, I made average grades and do not do well on tests. I was also on the path to become a pharmacist and was crushed when my grades weren't high enough to get into the University of Florida College of Pharmacy. At the University of South Florida, I took classes to prepare for med school. That lasted a semester. Then came business courses. Boring. And finally English, where I found my niche.

11. I don't like to lead meetings or speak in public. I can't speak off the cuff. I get very nervous if I have to do a presentation. I become physically ill.

And here are the questions from Egyptomaniac:

1. What is that one special  item (clothing/accessory) you never leave the house
without? Why?

My engagement and wedding ring.

2. If you could only wear one pair of shoes for an entire year, what would they be and why?

Nooooo!!!! well, it would have to be my FitFlops. I wear them all the time at home and on the weekends because I have terrible feet and they are the only shoes that give me total comfort.

3. What's your biggest fashion 'Don't' or trend you avoid at all costs?

Short sleeve cotton polo shirts. They look ridiculous on me.

4.What's the most expensive item in your closet?

A Louis Vuitton purse I have yet to use. Bought it five years ago and I just can't
bring myself to use it.

5. Ok, now what's the most treasured item in your closet--the one you wouldn't sell for a million bucks?

A million dollars? Yeah, take it all!

6. Honestly now, do you dress for yourself or dress for others?
Both. My blog keeps me from wearing the same boring stuff and going back to tees, jeans, and flip flops. A habit I only want to keep for the weekends.

7.  Let's be catty for a moment: Any public figures you'd like to nominate for 'What Not to Wear'?

Patricia Arquette. She so needs a stylist.

8. What's the best piece of fashion advice you were ever given?

I don't think it was advice I was given, but rather observation from studying magazines and blogs. I'm short so I know that if I wear cropped pants, I need to wear a pointy heel to give the illusion of elongation. In the last year, I've also learned that it's okay to wear stripes with patterns. To break out of my comfort zone and take risks.

9. What is your favorite season to dress for? Why?

I love dressing for fall. The rich colors that match the cool, crisp air.

10.Got any pet peeves or phobias? What kind of crazy do you try to hide from others?

Clicking pens, tapping, any repetitive noise.

11. The holidays are coming up! It wouldn't be the holiday season for you

The love of my family.

Bonus Question: (cause it's a good one!)
12. I'm assuming we're all fans of J Crew here (or just insert your favorite retailer).
If you could give one suggestion/idea/demand/restriction/vent to the designers for future seasons what would it be?

Better quality tees that don't get tiny pin holes. And stop it with the $600 pants!

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  1. i had never heard of fitflops, but i have now googled them and located a local retailer. thx!

    1. They're about $60 and last for about 3 years. I love them.