Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Elchim 2001

In my silky hair post, I wrote about some of the newest products I've been using on my severely damaged hair. Seriously, my hair was feeling like straw. I'd run my fingers through it and it felt like I was raking through fall leaves, rather than smooth locks.

And while my new products made a huge difference, I still couldn't get it as smooth as my new hairdresser did the couple of times she gave me blowouts. Then it dawned on me. It's my crappy blow dryer. When my Super Solano died a couple of years ago, I purchased a Chi Rocket hairdryer. And things were fine until I decided to go curly and replace my concentrator nozzle with that stupid
Devacurl green hand nozzle (that I got in a swap on Little did I know that it was going to crush the end of my blow dryer making it impossible to ever attach a concentrator nozzle on my blow dryer again.

And while I bought a new flat iron (love it, btw), and switched over to TIGI S Factor products, I still felt there was something missing. Turns out, it was my blow dryer. So before I left for Connecticut to move all our things down, I ordered an Elchim 2001 hairdryer off I did a little research and read amazing reviews on this dryer. It came while I was gone and I started using it about and week ago and am in L-O-V-E! I use the medium setting to dry my hair (takes a little longer but is less damaging) and just love the results. No more straw. Anywhere. Just smooth hair that blows in the wind (my straw wouldn't move) and really touchable results (I can't stop touching my hair - yeah, I'm weird). My Super Solano lasted six years and I'm hoping to get that same amount of time or more out of this blow dryer.

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  1. Interesting about the blow dryer. I must need to upgrade my tools so my hair isn't a pile of hay.