Wednesday, October 31, 2012


{Bracelet and spider ring, which I'm wearing in my hair: Z Gallerie | MAC Black Lipmix | Chanel Black Satin}

{Purse: Paul's Boutique}

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  1. Happy Halloween! - I "feel" you about the work partying....
    Me - I'm wearing dark nail polish & lipstick for Halloween. That's enuff when you're of a 'certain age' lol

  2. Betty - there was a women who sat on the row next to my cube. She dressed up as a fairy today. She talked in a baby voice to everyone that came to her cube and had a special "script" that I heard 5 times throughout the day. She played Disney music until 3pm. People where coming into our row of cubes asking if a baby was here today. Some people just take things way too far. Of course if I say anything, I'm perceived as a 'bi***' so I put on my headphones and do my work. Out of almost 200 people, 18 dressed up. Others did like I did and 'accessorised.'