Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Move from Hell!

This move has not gone as planned one bit. I arrived Thursday night in Connecticut where I had to take a car from the airport to the tune of $160 because our movers showed up three hours late. Therefore hubby couldn't come and get me. Couldn't grab a shuttle because they were ALL booked up. So hubby had to get me an executive town car, which was kind of luxurious and nice but a  complete waste of money. I'm so glad we don't live in such an expensive state anymore. Or so I thought. But I'll get to that later.

So when I got to CT, the four guys had only loaded some of our stuff. They exclaimed, "We're almost done," when I arrived. That couldn't have been further from the truth. They were so not almost done. None of our furniture had been loaded. At 11:30 PM, I'm shouting at the one guy who claimed he just needed "five more minutes to figure out where to put things." His "five minutes" took about three hours of time that we were paying at a rate of $100/hour. So $900 later and we realized we needed a second truck. We have way too much stuff. So much stuff that we have a storage until in FL for the crap.

On Friday, hubby and I rented a 16' moving truck that I would be driving down. It took us all day to load it by ourselves. One of the movers did come back to haul off our garbage and was kind enough to help us for the last two hours. After cleaning all morning on Saturday, we finally left CT around 1:00 PM.

We white-knuckled it through New York City and stopped at a truck station in New Jersey only to find my husband's car cover torn at the bottom and the entire thing barely hanging on. This was after we already tied it down once in CT. So we took it off and stuffed it in the car for the rest of the trip.

We made it to VA around 1:00 AM and decided to stop at a rest area to grab about 4-5 hours of sleep. Hubby's truck had a bench seat and he was able to wrap himself up in one of our comforters and stretch out. I, on the other hand, had bucket seats in my truck. I did my best to build up my sleeping nest and stretch out across the seats. It got pretty cold throughout the night and I woke up shivering. About every 10 minutes, a truck would pass us or one would start up their engines. So to say we 'slept' would be stretching it.

We left the rest area around 7:00 AM Sunday morning and made it to South Carolina by early evening. We were downing energy drinks and having to pee every couple of hours in addition to getting diesel gas for hubby's truck every couple of hours as well. I had no idea it was going to take us so long to make this drive when I did it in two days, with an overnight hotel stay, in about 20 hours total. Our top speed in the trucks was about 70mph and that varied depending on what semi truck or old man was in front of us driving 55mph. You just can't whip around the slow pokes when you are driving big rigs. And I now have a new respect for truckers.

We realized in South Carolina that it was going to take us another eight hours to get to Tampa and we needed to stop, take showers, and have a decent night's sleep. Seeing as I had to go to work the next day, I had to email my boss and request an additional day off of work. So until the end of the year, I have no more paid time off (I only get two floating days until the end of the year. No PTO time for six months from hire date).

My sister was watching our dog and didn't bank on me taking an extra two days. She was hoping I'd get home quick as my dog was running out of food and she didn't know what to do (Woozie is on a special diet of venison and potato dog food). We got into it over text messages and basically aren't talking to one another. I'm sure we'll work it out, as family always does, but until then we are both stubborn and this will have to pass over.

Once we got to Tampa Monday evening, we quickly realized only the 16' truck would be able to stay overnight in the apartment complex. The 26' foot truck would have to spend the night at the Winn Dixie plaza across the road. We also arranged for a guy to come help us at a very good rate ($15/hour - see? it really is cheaper in FL).

I had to get up Tuesday morning and be at work by 8 AM. When I pulled out of the apartment complex and looked for our truck across the road, it was gone! I panicked and called hubby. I then called the cops who informed me the car had been towed as it was parked illegally. We saw no signs pulling into the plaza, however they were posted down low at the other entrance.

You ready? To get husband's car and our belongings from the towing facility, we had to pull out a grand from the bank! That's right, $1,000 to get our stuff back. Did we pay it. We had no choice. We had to. And as I posted all this on Facebook, I got a childhood friend telling me one day that I will laugh about this. I wrote 'highly unlikely' as I take money very seriously and after spending over $6-7K to get down here, I don't find anything funny about another $1K.

Our apartment is a complete wreck right now as we are still unloading the big truck. Our help comes back tomorrow. Thank goodness. Oh and did I mention hubby is using my brand new Elchim to defrost our A/C unit that froze over?

Oh fun times, indeed. There will never be another cross country move.
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  1. Moving never goes well. I hired movers for my last one and while they were on time for moving day and charged a reasonable fee, they kept my stuff for three weeks!!! Because I didn't fill an entire truck (think tractor trailer) myself, they wanted to wait until someone else was moving to the same place. Three weeks!!! And they lost a box of books, my books for work, with the post it notes and hand written notes and highlights. That was 7 years ago and I'm still angry!!

  2. Moving is not a fun thing to do -- No way/No how. Hubby & I experienced a 100+ mile move in-state just 2 years ago, and still wondering how/why we did it?! THIS is why folks stay put in one place for decades!!! ... Glad you made it back in one piece (so to speak!). Yes, sisters DO work these things out!

  3. We moved two miles and it was no fun. Hang in there! You may not look back and laugh, but you probably won't have to move so far again, so you'll just... move on. :) Best of luck getting unpacked and I'm sorry it was such a trial!!

  4. That's terrible Nikki. I hope things calm down for you soon.

  5. So sorry to hear it was such a traumatic move. Hope it all settles down soon for you both.

    x x