Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion Night Out - Tampa

I invited my mom and sister to Fashion Night Out at International Plaza in Tampa last night. While definitely small scale next to NYC's FNO,  it was something to do out of the norm. Sister had book club so she couldn't join us. Mom and I indulged in little baby cupcakes, mini non-alcoholic martinis, and 30% off a single item from H&M. Now that is a rare thing. I've never seen H&M give any kind of discounts. I ended up buying a dress and a mint green collar. I had my mom be my "buyer" on the collar since it was 30% off on one item only. Thanks Mom!

After FNO, mom and I headed to the other mall about a mile away. We dined at PF Changs, one of my favorite restaurants. We considered having another glass of wine to wait out the rain. But that's the thing about Florida. Wait 15 minutes and it usually clears up, unlike Connecticut where it rains for days on end.

Speaking of Connecticut, I'm going back. Yep, I've had it with Florida and I'm heading back.  Nahhhh. I'm just flying up in two weeks to drive the moving van down with hubby.  I'm really happy to be seeing him again (it's been 3.5 weeks) and to keep him company during the long drive. I'm also excited to be starting our lives down here. I'm in the apartment and as settled as I can be without furniture. The house went up on market yesterday. Sure hope we get some nibbles. The house a few doors down just sold after four days on the market. Please let us be so lucky!

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  1. Hi Niki ~
    I plan to be in Connecticut for an extended business trip....any tips on the best shopping, eating or day off activities? Since, you did time....I mean lived there, I'm hoping you have some advice for me.

    1. Lol! Did time. Too funny. Kind of felt like that, though. Okay shopping - yep a couple of good places in West Hartford. 1.) Westfarms Mall in Farmington, 2.) Evergreen Walk in Manchester, 3.) Blueback Square in Hartford, and 4.) Westport - just google J Crew in Westport CT to find the exact location. One other mall is the Stamford Town Center. It has the only Zara in CT. But in all honesty, hop on the Metro North and go into NYC.
      Food? Good luck with that one. Most food in CT is bland. But every menu seems to have lobster rolls and broccoli rabe. Most restaurants in CT are predominately Italian. I definitely recommend New Haven pizza. Go to Modern rather than Pepe's as Pepe's is overhyped. I always liked going to Mohegan Sun Casino and getting a Napa Valley burger from Bobby Flay's burger palace.
      If you narrow it down to where you'll be staying I might be able to suggest other places.
      Oh and our house is for sale in case you fall in love with CT! Lol!

  2. Thank you. I'll be in Hartford, Providence and Boston for just under four weeks. The lion's share of which will be in Connecticut....with a whopping two days off, food and shopping are my priorities!
    House in Connecticut? Wow, that would be a heck of a commute from Seattle.
    Hope your house sells quickly and for more than your asking!
    Thank you, again~

  3. Uh...that would be more than YOU'RE asking...typo or brain decide. lol

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