Monday, August 6, 2012

Orange Crush

So this is my last full week in Connecticut. I'm elated to be moving to Florida, but also a little apprehensive about the move and starting a new job. I think that's normal. It's how I felt when I moved up here in March 2008. Going back to FL will be easier. I know the area, have family there, and will quickly acclimate again. Can't wait to see old friends and make new ones.

We have some great friends who have come through for us on a couple of temporary housing options while we have our CT house on the market. And my dear sister and brother-in-law are letting me (and the puppy) stay at their house until the hubby comes down with all our things in mid-Sept.

I'm also looking forward to new settings for my daily photo shoots, dressing for a different climate, having enough outdoor light to work with all year round, and maybe taking the blog to another level by incorporating more of my daily life (sort of like Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere). My sister and mom are the go-go-go types. I relaxed a little bit from that pace when I moved up north, but I'm sure there will be restaurants, staycations, family outings, etc. that I'll want to show you. I can't wait to visit some of my favorite eatieries, an Italian market in St. Pete, outdoor shopping, beaches, etc., and to show you new tropical backgrounds in my pictures.

The heart of Tampa has two awesome malls (International Plaza and Westshore Plaza) with Saks in one and Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Lord & Taylor in the other. I haven't been inside a Saks or Neimans since leaving home. The upper level of International Plaza has plenty of bars and restaurants.

We also have some great festivals throughout the year (Ribfest, Mainsail Art Festival, Gasparilla Pirate Festival), and concerts that you can actually get tickets for. We had a terrible time getting tickets for big shows up here. Most sold out in minutes (e.g., Radiohead).

I'm also looking forward to being able to buy wine in grocery stores again - even past 9pm! Although I will miss Wegman's, I'm coming home to Publix. It will be nice not to have to go to Stop & Shop for some items and ShopRite for the others, and then make a trip to a package store for wine. And a bonus is that Trader Joe's has finally opened a couple of stores in Florida. The nearest is about an hour away but I've driven much further up here for things (Total Wine and Bonefish Grill in New Jersey, Wegman's near Boston). The nearest Trader Joe's is in Sarasota. But I don't mind because I have a favorite Mexican restaurant in the area. It will make for a nice Saturday trip. And I'm sure a Trader Joe's in Tampa is just a matter of time.

So on to the outfit. Please excuse the hair. It's been so overcast and humid here lately. That's why you've been seeing my hair pulled back a lot more. I'm sure it will be that way in FL as well.

I normally pair anything orange with a gold necklace. I wanted something a little different today so I went with my Trina Turk green necklace. And you've seen my yellow and green versions of this Zara top. This one was on sale at the Tampa store on my last visit. It was the first time I've been in the Tampa Zara. It was about the size of the one in Stamford, CT. It didn't, however, have that glitzy feel that the NYC stores have. Oh, well. I'll just have to make a visit once or twice/year to NYC to get my fix of NYC shopping.

{Shirt: Zara. Still available here. | Jeans: Inked & Faded. Buy them here. | Shoes: Franco Sarto. Cute ones here. | Necklace: Trina Turk for Banana Republic | Lipstick: Nars Heat Wave. Buy it here.}

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  1. Oh my, that Italian market is awesome. That blouse is a great color on you.

  2. Thanks Meghan. Do you know of Mazzaro's in St Pete?

  3. Love the orange shoes. They are all kinds of awesome.

    Good luck with everything. I just got a new job and gave my two-week notice this morning. It's stressful but exciting at the same time. I'm going from a small nonprofit to a Fortune 500 company. I finally get to enter the corporate world after 26 years in the workforce! I believe the dress there is business casual, but I'm counting on it being more business than casual. You know how they say to dress for the job you want, not the job you have? Well my current coworkers must want to join the housekeeping staff because that's about how well they dress. Morale here is very low and people don't care anymore, and it's evident. But I digress.

    Does your new place have a dress code? Having met my new boss, she was wearing a nice skirt and top (not a suit but not super casual either) and I'm happy that I won't be dressed better than her.

    1. You got the job?! That's awesome!! Congrats. Did you wear the suit or the green pants? Sounds like your current place of employment is about exciting as mine. In fact, a developer just quit this morning. That makes 4 people total since the layoffs in May and 3 people just in one month. I think they are now down to about 9-10 people here. We lost our architect, developer, support manager, and me - their only tech writer. The new sales guy is wondering what hornet's nest he walked in to.
      The dress code at the new place is biz casual. The two women who interviewed me were in suits but everyone else was biz casual. There's about 200 employees and it's a woman-owned company with emphasis on community events. They loved that I went to the University of South FL, as that's where most of the people I interviewed with went. And they were so nice and sweet to me. Some interviews are just nerve wracking to get through. This one - I just knew. All my nervousness subsided as soon as I started interviewing. I was even comfortable through the lunch interview, even though I just pushed a salad around. It's so hard to eat on lunch interviews.
      I'm so glad for you, Kathy. That's really great news!

    2. Thanks Niki! I wore the suit. I figured better to err on the side of conservative.

    3. Awesome. Totally right on that!

  4. Love the colour clash of the top and necklace and your shoes a fabulous.

    Good luck with your move, I am sure it will all go really well for you. With a bit of luck the time will pass quickly and hubby will be with you before you know it.

    X x